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Sessions with Ingrid

A reading with Ingrid will answer your life questions, bring clarity to your path and purpose, and empower you with action steps from Divine Spirit.


Ingrid is a psychic medium and a channel for Holy Spirit. She is skilled at moving her mind and ego aside and delivering a clear, potent, and individual message from Spirit.


Ingrid's reading style is straight forward and concise. She delivers your message with love, kindness, respect, but without fluff and frills.

If you have a gift certificate to redeem, please email me

Readings on The Mystic Bitch Show

Ingrid goes live on social media several times a week for the Mystic Bitch Show Podcast Recording, and will do a handful of readings by donation for live viewers.


You can binge The Mystic Bitch Show here, and attend the livestream to ask questions and get a reading by donation.


Mystic Bitch Show Podcast Recording

Livestreamed on Facebook and YouTube


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Mystic Bitch Show Podcast Recording

Livestreamed on TikTok


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Mystic Bitch Show Podcast Recording

Livestreamed on Bhava Facebook and YouTube


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