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We can't always rest when we'd really like to.

But we can always rest in the between moments.

As you move through the day, make a commitment to totally STOP when you aren't actively engaged in an activity.

Even if it's just for 5 minutes.

Breathe, and let your mind settle into ease before you dive into the next task.

This is how you let the magic in, no matter how busy and over scheduled you are. 😉

I love you,


Bob Becker
Bob Becker
Bob Becker
Sep 07, 2021

Amazing!!!! That’s exactly what I’m doing now. (Well…after I respond lol) I sit in my car on break and roll my windows down so I can hear the planet breathe…I close my eyes and surrender to the stillness that surrounds me. I work back-to-back 8 hour shifts, so my “moments” are critical to my mental and physical well-being. Thank you again, Ingrid !!

You are Love ❤️

and you are loved 🥰



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