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Access the Full Psychic Development Course

Lessons, tools, exercises, and real-world examples from real people who have developed their psychic abilities with this exact approach, and incorporated their intuition into their life and work.
Palm Reading

Discover Your Strongest Psychic Ability

Most people have one or two strongest psychic abilities.
What are yours? Find out in this lesson.
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If you want to tap fully into your psychic gifts, you need to get grounded.

Grounding Makes You More Psychic


About Ingrid

Ingrid is a spiritual teacher, minister, poet, and a channel for divine spirit. In 2017, Ingrid founded the Bhava Spiritual Mission, an International not-for-profit organization that teaches spiritually committed individuals how to connect with their own spiritual gifts and take them out into the world. 


She is also the architect of the Soulmatic Renewal healing method - a program that guides seekers to deeply understand their unique energetic signature, gain practical skills in living by their natural energy flow, and learn tools to permanently release all that is not authentic experience.

Ingrid’s gifts are so impactful because she channels the absolute and unconditional love of Holy Spirit, and then coaches people to implement that divine grace into their lives through radical, loving, and persistent honesty. 


Ingrid has a knack for making the esoteric accessible, making her one of the best teachers of intuition development. 



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