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Access the Full Psychic Development Course

Lessons, tools, exercises, and real-world examples from real people who have developed their psychic abilities with this exact approach, and incorporated their intuition into their life and work.
Palm Reading

Discover Your Strongest Psychic Ability

Most people have one or two strongest psychic abilities.
What are yours? Find out in this lesson.
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If you want to tap fully into your psychic gifts, you need to get grounded.

Grounding Makes You More Psychic


About Ingrid

Ingrid is a multifaceted talent - she is an author, speaker, spiritual teacher, and conduit for divine spirit.

In 2017, she founded the Bhava Spiritual Mission, an International not-for-profit organization that teaches spiritual seekers how to connect with their unique spiritual gifts and take them out into the world. 


She is also the architect of the Soulmatic Renewal healing method, where she equips participants with spiritual and practical skills to harmonize with their natural energy flow. Through her programs and courses, Ingrid helps students liberate themselves from the trauma and conditioning that blocks their authentic expression.


Ingrid has a knack for making the esoteric accessible. Her approachable demeanor and profound insights make her a sought-after figure in the realm of intuition development.


Ingrid blends her psychic medium gifts with her talent for writing, creating vivid poetry that captures the stories and the essence of the spirits who choose to share with her.


She has taken this creative expression even further by collaborating with musicians in Nashville and Los Angeles to create breathtaking songs that bring to life the stories of the dead.


Ingrid’s gifts are so impactful because she channels the absolute and unconditional love of Holy Spirit, and then coaches people on implementing that divine grace into their lives.


In addition to her written works and spiritual leadership, Ingrid's dynamic skill set extends to live events, captivating public speaking engagements, radio appearances, enriching podcast contributions, performance art, and immersive livestream experiences.


With a natural flair for connecting with audiences, Ingrid brings a unique blend of humor, wisdom, authenticity, and spiritual depth to every platform she graces.



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