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Bitch Poetry Collection

Welcome to my expanding collection of Bitch poetry - a metrical nod to authentic feminism that spans the woman's experience.

I'm adding art to this collective all the time. If you want a poem that you don't see here, please email me and I'll put it to the top of the list and notify you when it's available. 


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I fucking love you.

All poetry and artwork is copyright 2022 Ingrid H. Turner and may not be copied or reproduced. All rights reserved. 

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A book of modern, salty poetry that powerfully conveys the spectrum of a millennial woman’s experience. Bitch is a coming together of honest, passionate, sometimes frustrated, but always honest and beautiful writing. It is a vulnerable look into the high-octane life of one woman bridging the 20th and 21st century. Ingrid magnifies her inner world for us and exposes our common struggles and breakthroughs. Ingrid is candid without an ounce of BS, and thus she blooms into a state of personal empowerment while inspiring the rest of us to do the same.

The Book: "Bitch: A Reclamation"

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