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Width, in 17.91 18.90 19.69 21.10 21.89
Length, in 23.19 23.82 24.29 24.80 25.39

Stay warm, stay stylish - all with this personalized women's full zip hoodie. Equipped with two-side pockets for daily convenience, a hood with a black or white drawstring, and a metal zipper. This hoodie bears all the marks of a cozy daily staple.

.: 94% polyester, 6% spandex
.: Regular fit
.: Black or white drawstrings
.: Two front pockets

Welcome to Ingrid H. Turner’s female empowerment store. This collection is part of the “Bitch: A Reclamation” series, a women’s empowerment project that centers around my original poetry and art. This line of feminist clothing and products is meant to shift the narrative around the word “bitch” and reclaim ourselves through ownership and redefining an overused insult towards women. When you purchase from this store, you are supporting a woman owned business, a female entrepreneur, poet, writer, and artist. If you have any issues with your product, please contact me directly and I will make it right.



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Women Empoerment Hoodie with Full-Zip Bitch Reclamation Series

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