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Practical tools for psychic development that you can implement now into every part of your life.

Includes bonus material from our Bhava Psychic Certification Program!

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Hi. I'm Ingrid.

I'm the creator of this Psychic Development Course and the Bhava Spiritual Mission Certification Program. My journey through personal upheaval, confusion, and self abandonment led me to guiding others towards their psychic mastery and spiritual empowerment.


I am in the business of nurturing spiritual leaders through their own awakening with grounded, spirit-led teachings.


My programs offer a sanctuary for growth, equipping you to transcend fear, embrace purpose, and flourish in a new world that is birthing the next evolution of consciousness.


If you're new to psychic development and spirituality, and yet you feel an undeniable calling towards self mastery and ultimately, spiritual service, you're in exactly the right place.  This course is for you.

We Take a Two-Pronged Approach

This course includes lessons, exercises, and real-world examples from real people who have developed their psychic abilities and incorporated their intuitive gifts into their life and work with this exact approach, resulting in a profound and permanent shift in mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.

Over 7 hours of content and application!

This full course is a section from our signature psychic and spiritual training program. Learn more about the 
Bhava Certification Program here.

Energy Mastery

The basics of energy healing help you heal yourself, and bring comfort and healing to others, amplifying your empathic connections while maintaining personal boundaries.

Psychic protection techniques lead to you experiencing a decrease in anxiety and the ability to navigate previously overwhelming environments with calm and assurance.

Cord cutting and cord pulling are life-changing for sensitive you. Removing stuck energy frees you from past attachments and enables healthier dynamics in current relationships.

Energetic protection for sensitives and empaths is transformative, resulting in increased energy levels and a deeper sense of inner peace.

Working with your aura and your energy, you will learn to influence your environment positively, leading to improved personal dynamics and opportunities.

Understanding the impact of your energy on others leads to more harmonious interactions and getting into sync with the flow of life.

Psychic Development

Psychic ethics and staying in integrity are paramount to you in your practice, and leads to a trusted reputation and deeper self-respect.

Identifying your strongest psychic gifts can be a turning point in your life, uncovering talents and paths that lead to fulfilling new careers or life directions.

Strengthening these psychic abilities results in profound personal insights and a much easier time navigating big decisions and life's challenges.

Learn to perform Mediumship and open new channels of communication with loved ones on the other side, bringing comfort and closure to you and others.

Channeling spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters leads to a new level of trust in yourself and the divine, potentially facilitating life-altering experiences and a deeper sense of purpose.

Identify and banish dark energy and entities to keep your energy, home, and other spaces clear and high frequency.

All of this delivered via a private podcast

Accessible for your focused attention and on the go. Absorb the content over and over again and do the assignments as your day allows. The flexibility of this format allows you to integrate lessons into your life more effectively, leading to faster and more profound trust in yourself.

BONUS! The Bhava Classroom Experience

This course includes several audio recordings of live Bhava classes, adding more depth to the lessons and giving you an experience of the dynamism of our training and certification program. Students describe these recordings as a catalyst for deeper understanding and application of the skills you learn in this course.

The Bhava Spiritual Mission Certification Program offers a comprehensive journey beyond the Psychic Development Course, delving into advanced practices and techniques for those ready to take their psychic and spiritual abilities to new heights. This program is for people who want hands on training, mentorship, and are ready to step into spiritual leadership.

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"I absolutely loved the course, particularly that it is delivered by podcast, which made it very easy for me to listen to on my commute - either on the train or while walking to or from the station. The first module on energy was great and I absolutely love the money ball meditation. I’ve been using it regularly for about 15 days now, and have received an extra and mostly unexpected $3,700 from various sources (possibly more) - unexpected bonuses, new clients, more money than expected in my paycheck, and money I was owed!


You do a wonderful job of explaining so many of these concepts that are often jumbled up - the difference between mediumship and channeling, which I think is often overlooked or taken for granted, the different Clairs, energy, and so much more."

— Melissa Conkling,

Intuitive Creativity Coach

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"I don’t know if you saw my comment on the call about the money ball but holy moly it works!


Received a $300 refund check yesterday from an overpaid bill that the insurance company decided to pay on a bill that I already paid.


Then a $280 check came from the state for an overpayment of taxes and an early payment from a client of $250!


I felt the ball of energy get bigger today between my hands and the dark circle in the middle is shrinking more and more everyday.


Btw I have only done this exercise 2 times!"

— Amy Woods,

Sales Coach


It’s normal to be highly intuitive and not realize it.

This is because we are conditioned out of it from birth. I’m here to help you reverse that old story and tap into your strongest psychic abilities.

In my years teaching, I have seen the process of psychic development change hundreds of lives.


When you trust yourself fully, you can:

Minimize fear-driven behaviors, resulting a significant reduction in anxiety and uncertainty, leading to a more grounded and centered existence.

Identify your purpose, cultivating the courage to pursue paths you never thought possible, resulting in a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

Follow your bliss without fear. Tap into the courage to follow your dreams and live a life true to yourself.

Navigate relationships with kindness and compassion, leading to stronger, more meaningful connections and a more harmonious social circle.

Let go of people, places, and things that are not aligned, allowing a freer, more joyful, and unburdened life.

Take feedback without losing your core knowing, allowing for personal growth while staying true to yourself - a balance that many strive to achieve.

And so much more.


Psychic development helps you navigate into an expansive, trusting, abundant flow - a true fulfillment. Your life will be enriched, and you will be more in tune with the universe and a more open recipient to its endless possibilities for you.

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Our community is extra in all the best ways!

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