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A Community for Irreverent Mystics on No Path But Their Own

"Fuck Yes, I’m a Mystic Bitch!"

And I'm ready to step up in to this dynamic spiritual community of paradigm shifting bitchezz. 

As a Card-Carrying Member of The Mystic Bitchezz Collective - 

You know the show, and you're eager to:

a) support the shit out of this, and

b) access backstage yummy-ness with alllll the spiritual baddies!

Yummy-ness like - 

A hold-in-your-hand welcome gift!

No, I’m not telling you what it is, it’s a surprise! Go to your mailbox and discover it yourself. 

A private WhatsApp community with Ingrid and fellow members

Use this group to ask questions about all things mystical. You will feed the Mystic Bitch Show Machine and no doubt contribute to episode topics. 

Front row seat to members-only, salon-esque podcast recordings with Ingrid and special guests​​

These events are hybrid podcast recordings and events. Enjoy sample services, special offers and discounts from our guests, and the golden opportunity to ask questions “live on the air” of Ingrid and her special guests, all hand-picked and experts in their field and modality.

Access to Digital Products and Classes

Get immediate access to 4 digital products and classes on topics of psychic development and manifesting. 

You will unlock access to a new digital course, product, or lecture every three months of enrollment. It's freeeeeee with membership!

Goal-Based Mystery Bashes

When we reach certain member goals, Ingrid unveils the next Members Mystery Bash! These are high end events, exclusive to Collective members, and a total surprise and delight.


Hi, I'm Ingrid H. Turner, and I host The Mystic Bitch Show and run this collective.

I help misfits, black sheep, and other highly creative individuals master their intuition so they can unload their feelings of inadequacy, step into their power, and share their gifts with as big an audience as they can handle.

The estimated value for ALL OF THIS for one month is in the vicinity of $1200

For our Pre-Launch Special (that's all of January 2023), your monthly membership dues are

locked in for the life of your membership at $29/month! 

Membership price shoots up February 1st, so 👇

Our First Members-Only Event
"A Dream Interpretation Salon" with
Psychic Medium and Master Dream Interpreter
Harmony Purdy

harmony purdy.jpg

Bring your most mystifying dreams to this event and decipher their deeper meaning.

We'll kick off the event with an in-depth interview with Harmony Purdy. Harmony trained with Ingrid, and the most astonishing part of this story is it was her dreams that led her to Ingrid and her path as a Psychic Medium.

Harmony is one of the most gifted Psychic Mediums Ingrid has had the privilege to train. She is her own go to for psychic insight, and Ingrid's primary referral for her own clients on the occassion she can't serve them. 

Harmony's story is poignant. Her gifts are astounding. And her grasp on the dreamland, and her ability to help her clients interpret and apply the messages from their dreams is unmatched. 

Join the Collective to attend this exclusive event on February 8th, 2023! 

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Lock in This Price
for Life!

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