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On this day, 62 years ago….

I emerged an old soul with a new vessel to continue my journey of learning and loving. An evolution still not complete…as having risen to greet this day, a purpose I still have. Lessons to learn and experiences to share.

I have been silent of late…a lesson in itself. To realize that it is ok to just be sometimes and go within. That not all lessons happen in the physical world…some paths take us deeper within the vast universe inside. And it is there I was reminded that my voice needs to be heard…now more than ever.

As I sit here in my refuge…the wind and the waves speak to me…those of feather and fur follow me. The mist upon my brow and the warmth of the sun remind me I’m alive. It is in this stillness that I hear the Creators voice so clearly.

On this first day of Spring, I am reborn. ONE with all…Thank you for joining me on this journey. Your presence is the greatest gift a man can ask for.

As is being one day older than I was yesterday.

Peace and love to all who call this spinning rock home 🕊❤️🌏

Ingrid H. Turner


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