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Happy Monday❣ I was in a shitload of pain all weekend. I couldn't accomplish anything except bare minimum survival mode. The old me would have stressed and stewed about all the things I couldn't do that I "needed" to get done before starting this busy week ahead. Thanks to Soulmatic Mastermind techniques, I let everything go and accepted that no chores or projects would get done all weekend. I allowed myself to be lazy and escape into some Netflix for pain distraction. I've been avoiding most TV lately unless it's frequency meditation music off YouTube. Anyway, where was I going with this?....oh yeah...I made ZERO effort to accomplish a damn thing, and randomly got a message from my late step-father's sister whom I never hear from. She FULLY booked me a paint party. I did not have to advertise, plan, design a piece of art to teach or anything! I literally just had to say yes and mark the calendar day😍 The universe really DOES respond when we simply love ourselves more🥰

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