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Sunday I was immersed in sadness. Through my self study, I have identified a very harsh truth. I've known for some time, but have been trying to change it back to what "should be". By all logic and accordance with people most important to me, I should be...not only satisfied but ecstatic with my situation. A huge part of me agrees. I don't want my truth to unravel everything. I don't want people I love to hurt or feel betrayed. If what I feel I need and want hurts everyone else, it feels wrong. I've punished myself for even thinking on such terms. Yesterday's emotional state required me to literally "just breathe". Today, I started out with my grateful list, scheduled myself a last minute sewing class, and kept myself busy all day. There is no way that I can unentangle myself from my entire life in one day. I choose to forgive myself for not feeling how I "should". A busy mind and busy hands have not much time to linger in sadness. Thank you Ingrid for providing a safe place to find and express the stuff buried deep in my soul.🙏❤

Ingrid H. Turner


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