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PWheeww what a DAY! So, I pinched a nerve yesterday. Last time sciatic, this time the one that runs neck to shoulder...whatever that one is. It's not even close to the first time it happened. Left untended, it eventually gets to the point I cant turn my head nor hardly move my arm. I did some breathing/ stretching thru meditation. It came to mind when Ingrid had felt my throat chakra blocked recently. I have never made these kinds of connections before having never studied anything about them before. As I do my chakra work through Soulmatic Mastermind, I am noticing that my routine physically painful incidents (menstruation, pulled muscles, pinched nerves) are getting...shorter? The pain is still there, but....more bearable in a way. I feel more "in tune" with my body brain connection. I can more easily identify and treat root cause. I can give myself more patience in allowing myself recovery time when I have debilitating moments. This makes those moments more tolerable! I feel like I'm having a major breakthrough.

Ingrid H. Turner
Bob Becker
Ingrid H. Turner
Ingrid H. Turner
Mar 18, 2022

This is awesome results, Sarah!



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