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My heart hurts today. 💔 I feel a deep pressure 🥺 The sadness is corruption of the largest scale we have ever witnessed. 😭 Feeling broken.☠ The love we all have for each other is being torn apart.🫂 To the deepest level. To rise, we must fall. To feel we must understand pain. Out of the ashes we will rise anew. 🤺 But the pain of baring witness to the corruption, lies and deceit is sometimes very heavy to bear alone.🙈🙉🙊 Remember you are not alone.🙏 You do have the strength of something bigger behind you. 🤝 But feel into the pain for now... and make sure you are standing up for who you are.🏇 Remember to love.❤ Remember to have kindness.🙏 Remember to fight for what you believe in. 💪 And Remember empathy, compassion, freedom and grace. ✨


A sad & broken Angel 💔🙏✨😭

Written by Heather Foster 9/25/21 #corruptgovernment #freedomisntfree #awakening #unconditionallove

Sep 26, 2021

Many times I've catch myself sinking into darkness, especially when I wrapped extension cord around my neck and stood in the same place Tuesday hung herself. I was feeling really empty with a heavy heart, desiring LOVE from her father which she always longed for, looked down, saw extension cord, picked it up, wrapped around neck, pulled it tight and immediately snapped out of it. It's hard to imagine how she felt in order to take her own life and leaving a toddler motherless. It's been 7 years but feels like it happened yesterday. I do know that life is precious and it's up to ourselves to LOVE yourself first before anyone can fully love us.



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