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My heart hurts today. 💔 I feel a deep pressure 🥺 The sadness is corruption of the largest scale we have ever witnessed. 😭 Feeling broken.☠ The love we all have for each other is being torn apart.🫂 To the deepest level. To rise, we must fall. To feel we must understand pain. Out of the ashes we will rise anew. 🤺 But the pain of baring witness to the corruption, lies and deceit is sometimes very heavy to bear alone.🙈🙉🙊 Remember you are not alone.🙏 You do have the strength of something bigger behind you. 🤝 But feel into the pain for now... and make sure you are standing up for who you are.🏇 Remember to love.❤ Remember to have kindness.🙏 Remember to fight for what you believe in. 💪 And Remember empathy, compassion, freedom and grace. ✨


A sad & broken Angel 💔🙏✨😭

Written by Heather Foster 9/25/21 #corruptgovernment #freedomisntfree #awakening #unconditionallove



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