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Good morning Bhava Babes!

I am not able to see you on live video today, but I channeled our Sunday Service here. See below for prayer, message, and directions.


I pray that all who see this - now and in the future - are able to fully integrate this message from Spirit, use it to change their lives, and take this teaching out into the world, raising the consciousness of this beautiful planet one amazing soul at a time.

Please add your prayer in a comment below. It will be affirmed.


While you are feeling acutely separate, that's not the truth. Humans ARE special in what you are experiencing in this dimension, and through your experience, you are adding to the Infinite creation.

You are wholly unique, but you are not separate.

The more you trust the flow of your passions and your keenest interests to carry you into each moment, then the more wholly you express your divinity. And thus you are a constant source of Creation.

You think you experience time in a linear way. But what that sensation is actually NEW Creation. What you are experiencing, what you are living right now, has never been. It is completely new, completely novel, and it is nectar to the divine All.

Expansion is the only movement. Relax into the newness of your entire experience. Accept the constant state of change that you brought yourself here to facilitate through your very focused existence, and all fear will dissolve. And you, beloved, will be free.


If you'd like to be considered for a channeled message, please comment below. I will select 5 people to deliver a message to.

Remember - Spirit is efficient! If Spirit does not select you directly, your question will likely be answered when directed to someone else.


Thank you for supporting the Bhava Spiritual Mission. You can make a donation on our website:

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