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A little story on brain power that I can't share on my wall for privacy of friend's personal family struggle. Her mom has Alzheimers pretty advanced. I have been going to help her whenever her dad drops her off for a break and shop trip. She's a handful. It's like an adult size terrible 2's right now. The last visit it was SUPER windy. Almost 40mph and very blustery day. Her mom kept trying to get out the front door. In one attempt to persuade her, "It's too windy for your allergies outside mom!" It didn't work and we had to distract her with something else. When settled for a moment, Rachelle turned to me and says "You that I think about it...she hasn't had ONE allergy attack that I know of since she lost her mind....usually she'd be sneezing with all these cats in the house!"😳 Literally....she forgot allergies exist....therefore they DON'T 😍



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