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Hey loves - our planet is going through a massive birth. It's being reborn. We are coming in to the golden age, but the process will swing from exaltation to contraction. It can feel really messy and all over the place, and we're all going to be moving through some BS at some point, because you too are expanding into the golden age.

This is an amazing time to be alive.

When I'm gripped by a contraction and I feel like I wanna die 😅 I always come back to writing a gratitude list.

This is SUCH a powerful practice and greases the wheels for that deeper work. It's my sure fire way to get myself unstuck so I can do the work I need to love through and release the bullshit that's doesn't belong with me anymore.

Try not to take your bullshit personally. We all got it. It's the stuff we go through to become extraordinary.

I love you


Bob Becker


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