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Happy Labor Day Ingrid 🔆

I loved, Loved, LOVED your message about the energies for this week. They hit home with a 💥. The big stress began yesterday at my day job where my wife and daughter also work. Today that stress escalated!!!!

I, being the one who tries to balance the energies in the household decided to step back and allow each to work through the weight of their perceptions individually.

I pulled some cards from one of my 4 decks. I am learning to trust my intuition…so I don’t read from the book, but look deep within the artwork to find my answers.

The first…repetition. As you shared in your message, those without a strong spiritual practice start now. I see in this card that we can learn from nature how repetition works. The moon ever changing follows a distinct cycle, as does the sun. The wild horses run free following what they know to be their truth. The sun lies in a woman’s heart center, her eyes shut , as she trusts in this cycle. In the corner, is a person removing their mask. No more will they hide their true self…through repetition they will find their place and the tools to weather the changes.

Second card…consistency. As the Sun rises, and also the Moon…again nature reminds me to be consistent with my practice…with my self. As the birds (which I have been drawn to for nearly a year) follow the sun, so should I follow with consistency that which calls to me for my higher good. Gaia stares intensely into the distance as she knows where she’s going.

Third card…perception. We each have our own which is what makes us so unique. Each lesson we face (and we all do) , we interpret in our own way. We draw on that which is familiar to us to gain focus as to how we should react. The message I got from this was to remain very open …tryst my intuition as the stress can cloud my perception. As I look back through my life, I notice how spot on my intuition was …even though my trust was not.

Last of four cards…shift. This tells me that what is coming through repetition, consistency, and perception will bring definite change to my energy if I create these practices for myself.

This week will be challenging, but I will grow because of it and my commitment to me❤️

Thank you for your message which enabled mine to come through🙏🏻

You are Love ❤️

and you are loved 🥰

Ingrid H. Turner


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