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wondering is there and if so what's the difference

being alone and having to do things on your own

being kind of alone yet you have family for support at times

living alone living with others both have challenges

yeah kind of confused right now according to health professionals i need to make lifestyle changes soon (a few blood tests alarmed them vitamin d deficiency and pre diabetes). more prescriptions. this is scary cause i have no clue no real resources no clarity. its something i gotta do on my own yet i am at a severe loss how to do this without making matters worse. spiritually i am ok the physical world is going down hill.

yes gonna admit cooking is a fear lol probably why i am where i am. i dont trust the stove/oven where i am at lol.

thanks for listening

Mar 13, 2022

Glucerna is a meal replacement. You should be eating real food--but healthy stuff like fruits and veggies. Avoid processed/fast foods (chips, fries, candy). Meal replacements are for people who have trouble getting need nutrition via eating. Also in general you want to EAT your calories rather than drink them.

Carbohydrates raise glucose levels. They are everywhere: breads, cereals, sugars, milk, even fruits and veggies--but veggies (excepting the starchy kinds like potatoes) are fairly low carb and fruits have vitamin, fiber and enzymes that outweigh the carbs.

Your brain needs carbs--but you want to focus on the healthy kinds and cut down/out the unhealthy kinds.

Here's something that may help:,blood%20sugar%20levels%20(%201%20).



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