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So lots of weird dreams last night morphing into each other. In one I was working to produce a TV show? with my sister? (I think it was my sister...) and at one point I was trying to pull together a list of all the people who worked on the project and their titles for the credits--which then morphed into going over the guest list for someone else's (sister?) wedding and arguing over whether this person or that person really needed to be included.

It was exhausting and yet so specific...

Ingrid H. Turner
Mar 08, 2022

The night before I dreamt I was in school then in a shopping mall shopping with a friend for a dress (I think we were in an Abercrombie & Fitch store). In the dream I was sort of a tomboy (I'm actually a makeup/clothes horse girly girl except for being "too" assertive by binary societal standards) and getting into a dress was a BIG DEAL. Two people who I guess knew me as a tomboy were laughing at me and I...uh, did not take it well.

Throughout the dream I had a runny nose and keep wiping it with my hand (so gross!) and wanting to go find a bathroom (not be able to find bathrooms is a recurring nightmare...) to get a tissue and blow my nose.

Looked up runny nose in various dream dictionaries and the meanings were ALL over the place.

Dreams are so weird. More clarity please, spirit guides...



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