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Today my challenge is patience and clarity. I shelved the conundrum box the other day just like Ingrid reminded me. I was able to do so and got through my super challenge Friday. I slept half of Saturday away. And this morning, I found that box right back in my hands again. 🙄 As if I'm ready to dig through that shit now😆 Only 48 hrs later. 😆Shelved it AGAIN and played in the dirt with a mini garden task before Bhava broadcast. Every Single Reading felt like it was in part to me. Holy Shit. ALL of IT. Being present in the now is challenging for me because I want so much change NOW that isn't possible all at once. I would love to snap my fingers and change it all at once😆 Grateful to have such inspiring souls to support, share, and genuinely LOVE one another ❤



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