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"God, guide me. My desires deceive me. Show me the way."

Our desires aren't "bad", but they are not what we think they are.

"A desires is a sign post, not the destination."

This means that our desires serve a purpose in generating our direction, our start, in getting us moving.

But they are not where we are actually headed.

The balance is: enjoy the desire, the way it makes you feel. It is showing you how you are MEANT to feel in this lifetime.

But when we make the desire the only thing capable of providing that feeling, we becomes ships lost in the night.

Attachment eats our joy.

Let the desire be the lighthouse.

Allow spirit to steer the ship to the right port.

A desire is a mental manifestation of how we want to feel.

But the mind can only comprehend what it has already experienced.

So it cannot know.

God knows.

"God, guide me. My desires deceive me. Show me the way."

Let me know how this feels. ♥️

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