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Good morning, happy Saturday. I'm writing poetry today. How about you? 😘

This morning's Scribbles:

"Why don't you trust me?"

Whispers my God.

"I have to survive. I have to to try."

"But don't you know,"

God continues

(Like I didn't just explain)

"When you were small

You never needed to try.

Everything happened

Just exactly as exactly can be."

"That was my mother

And my father,"

I retort.

"But why was your mother there?

And your father too?

Without question

Without thought

Without fail?"

"Because they loved me."

"And where,

Did they get that love?"

"From you."

I admit, and cry.

"Let it go, my beautiful one,

Let go of the fear

The need to survive.

Bet all your worries on

A spectacular turn of luck,"

The sky is echoing

And I am trembling.

The rumbling divine retreats

And I am left with this;

"My love will always be here."

- Ingrid H. Turner

©️ Nov 6th 2021

Bob Becker


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