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🙏prayer post for today(i know its kind of late 😞)

prayers for clarity & calmness for myself and all others

add your prayers as you know Spirit is not restricted by time or space

wherever you are whenever you are its Spirit time


Ingrid H. Turner
Mar 13, 2022

That's the beauty of this platform. It's never too late. We can all come here in our own free time whenever. I'm currently praying for patience 🙏 Now that I finally feel like I'm deserving of what I want, I want it NOW😆 It has nothing to do with material things. And...I'm certain the timing is not right😔 I'm so exhausted. I feel incapable of acquiring all I need to do to prepare myself for when my opportunity arises. Today I MUST quiet my mind and rest my body🙏🙏🙏



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