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3 things in one post

first curious if you do personal intuition via cards can others expand on that if they are in tuned with you and your energy or is it completely up to your intuition? or would they just get what the card means for them?

is it possible to support others while not being able to support yourself? kind of like well i am not doing well yet my friend is so i will support them and forget about myself for a little while. would this be considered a distraction away from self love- i believe it could be. like someone is shining bright but you are not can you just support their shine or should you get to shining yourself. hopefully this makes some sense, possibly helpful or answerable too.

i am sure i said it before. i appreciate and grateful for this community & for ingrid allowing me to be a part of this 😀 hopefully you understand some of my ramblings and such. i can say ingrid is very supportive even through distance. i think a few of us are safe from ingrid showing up with a spiritual check up in person lol (jk)😆 there would probably be a love hold, hug, handshake, fist bump and a shock wow she actually found me haha

Ingrid H. Turner
Ingrid H. Turner
Ingrid H. Turner
Jan 28, 2022

Appreciate you, Ken!!



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