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wow having a rough horrible day today did practice today, before drs appt i was kind of more relaxed than usual then it was like too much fill out paperwork lets try to find your history lets try this bp meds no response to vitamins that would help with that. we need blood tests and we are sending you colon test. oh yeah your next appt is right before your tooth extraction. rude lab test lady. gotta figure out when i can do spiritual practice that day wake up early with little sleep or do it after all this while in pain from extraction. got groceries bp monitor preparing for what i can it some of its new stuff to try, had to wait for prescription so went to other grocery store, then came back person walked out in front of me and another pulled out in front of me. ugh this is just too much especially after last night at work. forgot some stuff too. not looking forward to extraction now worried about my teeth and hurts more💥🙏🙏🙏barking dogs too

Lets hope this day gets better and more better days too.

Ingrid H. Turner


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