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One of my spiritual/self care practice is writing poetry. I try and write a poem every day. Some weeks I do better than others lol.

I wrote this one this morning, and I wanted to share with you, because I don't think I'm alone in this experience right now.

"It's Dark Here"

It's dark here.

In between.

Between what was, and

What will be.

What might be.

I'm lost here

In the black.

I told everyone "this is it, it's

what I want."

But now I'm here and -

Shit. I'm afraid.

I can't go back, because

Amnesia. I can't remember.

I'm driving forward

Incessantly, towards

The void - helpless.

I can't stop, and

I'm flailing. Hard.

It's no use. I'm

Committed to

Whatever lies ahead.

I hope I can see again.

Very soon.

Because I do not like

this night

Without stars.

- Ingrid H. Turner

©️ January 25th 2022

Bob Becker


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