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Join me welcoming our new IMMERSION members!

If you just got here, poke around a little. Create a post and say hi!

Be sure to watch this week's energy forecast. Those release weekly on Monday. The time of day is a bit of a moving target, but you get a push notification when it's posted.

We're planning our first IMMERSION event soon: "Existential Q&A with Monz" - so stay tuned for details about that.

And remember, IMMERSION members get a 10% discount on services.

My new course: "Become That Spirital Entrepreneur". 12 weeks to get you up and running fast in your spiritual biz. That 10% discount applies. If this piques your interest, head over to the event page, and circle back with me for that 10% off if you choose to join us.

And last but not least - invite your friends! There a handy web form you can use to automatically send an email:

or you can just send them along to our website to sign up.

If you have questions or comments or insights, don't hesitate to shout out here! Our main rule is: be kind.

Other then that - let's get to work with building New Earth Love ♥️

Much love!


Oct 05, 2021

Hi and welcome!



Welcome to the Immersion community! You can connect with oth...


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