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Spiritual Download: The Domino Effect

...Also are you a torch bearer or a torch lighter?

Hey loves. Today before doing the healing session with Ingrid online... I channeled in the shower and had a VERY powerful experience.

I was told everything was already in effect for these times, and there was not much at this point in the game to stop it. That being said I was told all of the pieces (us) were set where we were meant to be. That it was like a dominoe effect. One person could cause a chain reaction that made all of the others follow spiritually.

It was a sense of relief. I was also told some of us... particularly me in this message... were torch lighters... and some of us were torch bearers... either way we all have a part to play. And what I was told is that we would all know what role we are in because it will be natural.

In the human design chart... I am a reflector. And I have been told lately that I am meant to be out in the world. To meet as many people as I can. Because if it flows Naturally... I will be called where i am meant to be... with ALL types of people. And I am not meant to just be segregated with spiritual people. I am meant to be with ALL types because it will give me the perspectives I need to see in order to reflect back to others those types of experiences that I see.

So... 🔥torch bearers & torch lighters🔥... take your watch and continue to pass the torch. Like all sides to the domino effect... we are creating HUGE waves and lighting paths bigger than we can imagine. Love you all. 😍 ❤

Ingrid H. Turner
Ingrid H. Turner
Ingrid H. Turner
19 dic 2021

Ooooh I am in the midst but I can't wait to come back and watch this video. Thank you, Heather!!

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