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I'm going in to sacred ceremony tonight.

My intention is to release my fear.

All of it. I'm ready to live more free than ever before.

Join me in this intention for yourself as well if you feel called.

Ask that as you sleep, fear is dismantled from your body. Ask that you are cleaned of unnecessary and unhelpful fear by any means necessary.

I'll be setting this intention for myself and for all all you who wish to recieve it tonight.

Watch yourself as the days unfold. Notice where it gets easier, your anxiety lessens, your fears aren't halting you where they have before.

Let it be a process. This is a powerful intention. It'll be powerful ceremony. I can feel it. My heart is already there. My crown chakra is all a tingle.

Affirm YES below if you're to joining me in spirit.

And remember: spirit doesn't care a thing about time or space. So even if you see this later, your intention counts, spirit works just a potently.

It's all about the move from fear to love. Let's give ourselves a nice big push tonight!

Can't wait to see you in Spirit space.

I love you.


Bob Becker


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