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Wow what a week! Happy Friday everyone. I would just like to take a moment to appreciate Ingrid's Soulmatic Mastermind program and this Immersion space. As I do more of the work, I am experiencing more and more healing. As I heal, I am finally finding some joy in life again. I still have bad days struggling to re-delete old thought patterns. The more I commit to loving myself, and the more I utilize these tools Ingrid so lovingly shares, the more my YouNiverse is opening up! Here is a painting my old brain tried to tell me I didn't have time to do before a festival this weekend. My new emerging self said: TRY IT. So here's what I did in one night in honor of Year of the Tiger:

Ingrid H. Turner
Bob Becker
Mar 04, 2022

oops forgot to mention awesome amazing job sarah. art seems to have a healing, relaxing, fun, passionate effect. i have aunt nearby that does amazing artwork too. its cool it seems we both have some relation to art Do you have 16 to 48 channel of wavelength in your human design chart long path on left side of chart as your looking at it lol 😁🙏🙏💛



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