The Soulmatic Mastermind

Holy Spirit Gave You Purpose.

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The Divine infused you with drive, commitment, and determination

You are a warrior, and a warrior knows that in order to rise high, she must dig deep.

And you have dug

But there’s more. 

You are here to bring God’s grace into the world, and the outlet for that grace is your roaring passion. 

You. Are. Incredible. 

My gift for you is this: I tune into Infinite Consciousness and clearly deliver your Divine Directive. Then, I coach you in implementing that grace into your life. 

I guide you through the process of dislodging the remaining blocks which you haven’t already extracted, so you can live your life as large as your vision will carry you. 

You are an instrument for the expansion of consciousness on this planet. You can trust that knowing - you’re that important.


Let me guide you to that next level ascension. 

You’ve done so much work already. That’s why Spirit has placed me in front of you: my connection to Spirit is clear. My love is fierce. My healing is profound. 

And now you’re ready for that. 

My Spirit is begging to serve you. 

My mission for God is in service to your mission for God.


From Skye:

Ingrid has a plethora of tools in her tool belt and provides immense support to her students. The tools we learned in the course brought a lot of value to my life. I freed up blocked energy and learned how to live in my natural energetic flow. The design of the course is beautiful and effective. What we learned starts just working automatically in the background like magic. I had some very deep issues that came up for me and now I feel well equipped to deal with them and embark on the rest of my outrageously yummy life.

This was no doubt a profound experience for me and a healing I very much needed. The potential of this work excites me as I now see how SR could help so many of the people in my life and around the world. I am proud to take part in the SR movement.

From Kim

A phenomenal life changer! Ingrid is so down to earth and real it is very easy to receive her teachings. I am forever blessed and look forward to every connection I get to share with her! Ingrid operates in her gifts and is such a blessing I highly recommend working with her!


She is a game changer!

From Laurie:

I came to Ingrid after recognizing some deep seated fears, stuck energies that I struggled over and over with. Ingrid shows up in her quiet alertness, unbiased, nonjudgmental light. She is able to tune in and assist in setting aside your redundant stories of life. She helps you drop into the emotions and body felt pain and darkness. Where you shed light there is no darkness.

I’d highly recommend her.

Soulmatic Mastermind Modules

These modules are constantly being expanded on due to the spirit-led nature of this program.

Module 1:

Your unique energetic signature 


Each person has unique strengths, challenges, and a natural flow of energy. This innate flow is designed to support your most fulfilling and abundantly successful life. By the end of this module, you will feel deeply validated in your personhood.

Module 4:

Relationships - the sex is never that good

Often, highly successful people experience a train wreck in their relationships. Much of our unexpressed pain and conditioned responses are amplified in your personal and professional relationships. This module builds on your healing work to peel away relationship drama and codependency so you can build strong, supportive, interdependent connections. 

Module 2:

Soulmatic Renewal Healing


This is where you begin the deconstruction process: you have been conditioned out of your natural energy flow, cutting you off from well being and truly empowered living. This is where you free you from that conditioned unlovability, and become whole and authentic. 

Module 5:

Ancestry Wounding and Strengths

Ram Dass famously said “if you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family.” Family relationships are the soul tribe members here to trigger us to holy hell. This can drive us underground or make us run away entirely. This module is going to help you use the exasperating experiences from your family and lineage to heal on a still deeper level, and help you identify and embody the indomitable strengths of your lineage. 

Module 3:

Learning to trust your body

You are God creator being, having a physical experience. Your body is already tuned to give you the answers to any question you have. When you trust your body, you will be able to make decisions easily, know who to trust, what opportunities are for you, and more.

Module 6:

Honing your sacred work in the world

Your sacred work might be linked to your career, or it might manifest in the more subtle way you move about the world. Or both. This module helps you concretely identify your spiritual gifts and strengths, and creates the space for you to meditate on how you want to bring yourself out into the world more authentically.



Soulmatic Mastermind

This program has revolving door enrollment. 
You can join any time.

Quarterly spiritual planning session
Ingrid meets one on one with you once a quarter, starting in your first month of enrollment, to help you create a spiritual roadmap to address all of your healing needs. Sessions are likely to include channeling spirit, coaching you on implementing spirit's message, review of your charts, such as human design and astrology, Soulmatic Renewal healing, and spiritual advice as needed. Bring anything to the table.



Weekly groups coaching calls via Zoom
Each week, the SMM group meets to cover module material and receive spiritual teachings and channeled directives for this community. Ingrid will spend time answering questions and coaching members, helping you integrate the modules, lessons, and stay on track with your quarterly spiritual planning. 

Unlimited access to Ingrid on Voxer
Voxer is a free walkie-talkie app, and it enables you to have unlimited access to Ingrid with your questions and unexpected issues that arise, without needing to wait for your quarterly planning session.


Quarterly class or lecture with guest instructor
Ingrid has a network of dynamic teachers, healers, mystics, channels and more. She has included in your membership a once-a-quarter class with an expert peer. Subjects will vary, and you are not required to attend these classes, but it is a way for Ingrid to provide above and beyond value beyond her own spiritual focus.


Private social community app
The group stays in touch all week through a private app where you receive support during the week, create accountability for yourself, and help keep others accountable. You are encouraged to share your wins, your challenges, and reach out for and give additional support.


Priority Access to Ingrid's Soulmatic Renewal Retreats 

Ingrid holds between one and four destination retreats per year. Her SMM group gets priority access to book these retreats before anyone else.