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Three (3) steps I took to manifest money, love, & freedom | Mystic Bitch Show S2 E3 | Psychic

In this episode, Ingrid outlines three energetic components and mindset shifts that manifested her big money, deeper love and connection, and freedom to travel all the time.

Psychic Development Q&A: Dreams and psychic abilities, dreams and clairvoyance, can we lose our psychic abilities, how to get your psychic abilities back, what is clairvoyance, how to develop your psychic gifts, how to ground, what does a dream about giving birth mean, what are prophetic dreams, how to tell the difference between fear and intuition, what is claircognizance, how do you know if you are dreaming or astral traveling, how do you see energy, what does dreaming about death mean, what is telepathy, how to tell if you’re a medium, how to see spirits,

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