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Interview with MysticMag (Bhava Spiritual Mission)

I am so pleased to share that I was recently interviewed by MysticMag about my work with the Bhava Spiritual Mission. 🫶

Bhava is currently accepting applications for our March 2024 Certification Program!

Journeying with Ingrid H. Turner,

Spiritual Teacher, Poet, and Divine Channel

As a Spiritual Teacher, Minister, Poet, and Channel for Divine Spirit, Ingrid embodies the essence of wisdom, compassion, and divine inspiration. Ingrid’s journey into the realm of spirituality began with a deep inner calling to explore the mysteries of the universe and the interconnectedness of all beings. Drawn to the teachings of ancient wisdom traditions and guided by her intuitive gifts, she embarked on a quest to uncover the truth of existence and the divine essence within each soul. As a Spiritual Teacher, Ingrid shares her profound insights and wisdom with seekers from all walks of life, guiding them on their path of self-discovery and spiritual growth. In a world yearning for deeper meaning and spiritual connection, Ingrid H. Turner stands as a radiant beacon of light and love, guiding others on their journey of awakening and self-discovery. Through her teachings, poetry, and divine channeling, she invites seekers to remember their true essence and reclaim their inherent divinity, one soul at a time. Join Mystic Mag and read more.

In founding the Bhava Spiritual Mission, you aimed to teach spiritually committed individuals how to connect with their spiritual gifts and bring them into the world. Can you share a transformative story or experience that inspired the creation of this mission and its impact on individuals’ lives?

In 2014, I experienced a spiritual awakening. My spiritual gifts burst open, A few years later, I found myself at a crossroads, contemplating what I should do with these gifts. How could I be of service to others? That’s when I received a visit from my Spirit guide, MONZ. He advised me to start a church. Initially resistant, I firmly declined, stating it wasn’t my style.

Monz left, and I remained firm in my decision. However, a few days later, another message from Spirit came through, insisting that I needed to start a church. I was to teach people how to utilize their gifts and provide them with protection. It dawned on me that in the United States, a church offers legal protections for those involved in spiritual or ministerial work, similar to how therapists have licenses.

Despite my initial hesitation, I realized the importance of creating a structure for individuals engaged in cutting-edge spiritual work, particularly in the realms of the new age and new Earth spirituality. I delved into the possibilities and found that establishing a church was quite feasible for me. Thus, I embarked on my spiritual mission, aiming to assist people in embracing their spiritual leadership.

While we are officially a church, The Bhava Spiritual Mission prides itself on being truly non-denominational. Our community consists of individuals from various walks of life, encompassing diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds. It is a unique and wonderful place where we develop spiritual leadership skills.

My ultimate goal is to help individuals discover their spiritual, psychic, and intuitive gifts, teaching them to trust these abilities. I aim to empower them to bring their gifts into the world, serving others through their passion and unique talents.

The Soulmatic Renewal healing method is described as guiding seekers to understand their unique energetic signature. How did you develop this method, and what specific benefits have you observed in individuals who have undergone this program?

This is an incredible healing modality. It was channeled to me during my own process. My partner, at the time, had a session with a therapist and, unexpectedly, I filled in for him. Though unusual, I went to the therapist’s office. I was grappling with a persistent issue in a certain area of my life, and as I spoke to the therapist, a process downloaded to me spontaneously.

During this therapeutic session, I delved into my body, moving through layers of emotions and energy. The therapist, silently observing, witnessed a significant release of energy, completely resolving the issue I had been struggling with. It vanished from my body and my experience, leaving me intrigued. I decided to explore this further. Whenever I download something from spirit or have a spiritual experience, I rigorously test it before sharing it publicly or incorporating it into my teaching or healing work.

I applied this technique, which I now call Soulmatic Renewal, repeatedly and consistently. It consistently cleared energy without disrupting my life. Encouraged by these personal successes, I introduced it to some long-term students and clients. They, too, experienced remarkable positive shifts in their lives in a short period.

As I expanded its application to more individuals, countless positive experiences emerged among my students and clients. One particularly striking incident involved a student facing a scary medical situation. She discovered a lump in her breast and, after a doctor’s examination, was scheduled for a biopsy. Over the weekend, she immersed herself in Soulmatic Renewal, navigating her emotions and energy. By the time of the biopsy, the lump had inexplicably vanished, leaving both her and the doctor astonished.

Another client used Soulmatic Renewal to navigate a challenging job situation with an abusive boss. Implementing the practices at her desk, she gained clarity, reacted appropriately, and eventually left the job on her terms for a more fulfilling opportunity. Another student, experiencing a rocky marriage, employed Soulmatic Renewal to navigate conflicts, ultimately transforming the relationship into a fulfilling and supportive partnership.

These instances demonstrate that Soulmatic Renewal is a holistic healing modality with the potential to positively impact every area of life. It is a simple practice that brings together somatic techniques, energy work, and spiritual principles, offering profound and holistic improvements in a short period of time, and without major disruptions to your life.

What type of services do you offer?

Currently, I am engaged in teaching psychic development and overseeing the Bhava Spiritual Mission. My main focus is on teaching, leading groups, and engaging in public speaking and writing. I have authored three books, and I actively participate in online speaking engagements, going live to inspire and channeling spirit primarily through my teaching efforts at this stage.

As a channel for divine spirit, how do you maintain a clear and open connection to receive guidance?

What a great question. I am diligent about maintaining my spiritual practice and keeping up my own frequency. I am mindful of the individuals in my life, their impact, and the substances I consume. I make a conscious effort to meditate and pray daily. When I sense myself veering off course, I recognize that feeling and bring myself back on track. I eliminate substances like alcohol and strive to maintain a healthy diet. While it’s essential to enjoy life, my priority is my connection to spirit. It’s not just a business; it’s a lifestyle and the most significant aspect of my life. Ensuring that I prioritize this connection at the start of each day is crucial.

The idea of connecting with one’s spiritual gifts and bringing them into the world is empowering. How do you guide individuals to overcome any resistance or fears they might have in fully expressing and utilizing their spiritual gifts in their daily lives?

It’s a great question because people often come in with a lot of fear. Sometimes, the fear stems from doubting if they possess spiritual gifts, while other times it arises from uncertainty about what to do with the known gifts. I consistently convey to people that I cannot teach them how to be psychic or how to be spiritual. Instead, my role is to guide them to their own experience of these gifts. It involves creating a space and directing individuals towards understanding the sensations associated with their gifts, allowing them to immerse themselves and feel the empowering essence, not power over others but a sense of full empowerment and sovereignty.

I guide people by holding space, asking questions, and, when necessary, gently encouraging them to take a leap—helping them blow their own minds. Many individuals enter with fears, anxieties, and self-doubt. However, as they progress through my year-long program, the Bhava Spiritual Mission, these fears diminish. By the end, they emerge solid and confident in who they are, grounded in their spiritual gifts, and capable of trusting themselves. They no longer surrender their power to external authorities. Whether they choose to turn their gifts into a business or integrate them into their personal lives, or simply embody them in their day-to-day existence, I take great pride in their transformation.

How do you practice self-care to maintain your own well-being?

Maintaining balance is undeniably a practice for me. It’s something I consciously work on every single day. Managing a strict schedule for client-facing work is crucial to prevent myself from overextending and hitting a wall, leading to burnout without realizing it. Seeking assistance from others is also part of my strategy. I have a coach proficient in energetic boundaries, engaging in work even more intensely than I do. I use her as an example of maintaining energetic, physical, and emotional boundaries.

Acknowledging areas where others have greater mastery than me helps avoid going overboard, given my sensitivity and openness. Although I find joy in assisting and witnessing people stepping into their highest expression and empowerment, I am cautious not to take on too much, considering the shadow of codependency that can affect sensitive and empathic individuals. I strive to remain aware of these tendencies and prioritize self-care.

My robust spiritual practice, set working hours, and non-negotiable days off for complete disconnection contribute to my well-being. When I adhere to these practices, I thrive. However, slipping and making exceptions for the sake of helping others can lead to burnout. This awareness has informed my teaching approach, especially when working with sensitive individuals. It emphasizes the importance of establishing personal boundaries and encourages open communication within my community, allowing people to voice their needs without fear of repercussions. This approach has proven beneficial for both my students and me, as teaching often serves as a reciprocal learning process.

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