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Resentments Are a Distraction | The Mystic Bitch Show S1 E7| Somatic Practice | Psychic Development

The shadow of the empath is codependency. In this episode, Ingrid breaks down how resentment and codependency is an self-sabotage tactic. It is one of the ways the ego keeps you from exploring and expressing your creative, spiritual, and intuitive gifts. She talks about her journey from morbid codependent to healing with spiritual and somatic practices, and manifesting the life of her dreams. She also answers audience questions about psychic development, spirituality, manifesting, psychic dreams, ringing in the ears, and more.

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Ingrid is a psychic medium, psychic development teacher, and poet. She helps misfits, black sheep, and other highly creative individuals connect with their psychic gifts, spiritual, and creative gifts.

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