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Psychic Awakening | Psychic Q&A | Dreams & Psychic | The Mystic Bitch Show | Season 1 Episode 1

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

In this show debut, Ingrid tells the story of her psychic awakening, detailing how her gifts manifested in childhood, and the shocking experience of her psychic and spiritual awakening. She takes questions from viewers about psychic gifts, mediumship, astral travel, reincarnation, and more. Join the live recording on TikTok on Thursdays at 5pm PST/8pm EST. User name: @ IngridHTurner

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we are talking about psychic Awakening today we're talking about psychic development we're talking about


understanding our gifts our psychic gifts more deeply how you're psychic how


to reclaim your psychic abilities one of the ways that I'm going to talk about that is I'm going to share my own psychic Awakening story everybody's


psychic Awakening Story coming into your gifts everybody's really unique everybody who I work with has a really


unique story a unique way of coming back to your natural gifts so I'm going to


tell you my story today because you're gonna it's gonna be different than yours but my feeling is you're going to pick


pieces out of it that are going to relate to you and it's going to help you on your journey to your psychic


Awakening foreign


for those of you who don't know me my name is Ingrid H Turner I am a practicing psychic medium for the last


10 years and I am a psychic development teacher I am here to work with a very specific type of person the type of


person who feels like a misfit like the black sheep of your family like you kind


of never really fit in people don't really understand you and yet you feel kind of magical you kind of know your


magical you're highly creative right you're the people who I want to connect with and I want to help you tap into


your intuition I want to help you help you tap into your psychic gifts so that you can schluff off the burden of


inadequacy so that you can come fully into your own energy and step onto your world stage so you can share your gifts


with as big an audience as you can handle because you are here to express your magic and so many of you because


you feel like such a misfit so out of place in this world you end up shrinking


yourself not trusting yourself being confused used about why you're not like other people and I'm here to help show


you why you're not like other people and why that is your gift and how to maximize expand into your gift and


maximize your impact on this planet because that's what you're here for and I've worked with enough of you and done


this long enough and seen exactly who I attract and exactly who I am best at helping at to know precisely who you are


this is a progression my loves this is the very first debut of the Mystic bits


show so keep coming back because our psychic development work we will continue to expand on this and there


will be more and more opportunities for us to work together even outside of the container of this show I'm really


excited about this this lights me up and if you're here I imagine it lights you up too and then after this


show I have a psychic development master class that is heavily discounted


just for you it's literally 11 to take a class with me and if you want that today


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videos you can subscribe to my podcast you can do all the amazing things all of that is really really juicy and yummy


and such a wonderful way for us to have a powerful delicious scrumptious energetic


exchange that's the groundwork let's get into it the show got me thinking a lot about


how my journey with psychic mediumship like I said I've been a practicing psychic medium for 10 years it's been my


full-time gig that's all I've been doing I've been doing psychic readings and I've been in psychic development that's pretty much it I also write a lot of


poetry but that's sort of a different art different like arm of Ingrid that we're really focusing on the psychic


stuff which has been the majority of my life to date in prepping for this show I really want to tell the story of my


psychic Awakening because I knew it was going to help you I knew that those of you who found me who are wondering if


you have gifts we're pretty sure you have gifts or not sure whether you trust your gifts or not sure what is a psychic


gift or what is in your imagination or what's a weird physiological thing I'm going to help you with that okay so I


knew telling my story was going to help you on your journey as well and we're


going to have time for questions because everybody's journey is really unique so


I was Scott to thinking back to when I was a kid and what I used to experience


when I was a kid and later on learned came to understand oh my God that was


Clairvoyance or clear cognizance or what have you I used to be a total loner like


I really used to just love to be by myself when I was really really young I used to take off out into the woods and


just spend time by myself just to get away from people and it was because I was so sensitive as


a kid I was so sensitive I had a really hard time being around a lot of people


for a long time I even had a really hard time being around my family members for a long time and I used to go just get


out of there get away right and I used to cry a lot Ingrid you're too sensitive


you're so sensitive control your emotions stop crying oh my God I heard that over and over when I was a kid


you're too sensitive you're too sensitive my grandfather died when I was really really little I don't want to say


I was like five or six and I remember going to his funeral I didn't know my


grandfather in fact the only real memory I have of my grandfather is seeing him in the hospital right before he died I was really really small I didn't know


him at all and I remember going to his funeral with my parents and I remember just the feeling of sadness and grief


even when I think about it now I get choked up the sadness and grief that overwhelmed my little self and I just


cried my tears welded my eyes I started crying dying and my mom she didn't mean


anything by it she just asked asked you know a question she said why are you crying Ingrid you didn't even know him


and I remember feeling so that was one of my first experiences of feeling so I did something wrong I don't belong


there's something wrong with me and I and I tried to stop crying because she was right I didn't know him and I began


to question why am I crying but I felt the grief so strongly and looking back I


recognized that was my little empathic self at the funeral of a man where lots of people were sad and grieving for this


man who was beloved in his community and I was feeling all of that as a child and


it just sprung out of me and all of my childhood it was like


every time somebody else was hurting I was crying I watched a sad movie I was crying I didn't even know why I was


crying always emotional and upset such a crybaby as a kid that's because that wasn't mine that was me absorbing the


energies and the emotions of other people around me and thinking it was my own yes that's the sign of an empath


needing to get away from people finding people even like people I love dearly finding too much time with them


overwhelming crying feeling all the emotions a little empathic child I remember I would be laying in bed and


I'm and I'd just be kind of drifting off maybe and I'd hear a voice outside my head I'd hear a voice say my name and it


wasn't just like something in my head it was in a voice outside of my ear like


this Ingrid scared the living bejesus out of me actually to be honest it still


happens sometimes in adulthood still scares the living but Jesus said I still go


and glasses go flying right really really um really scary but hearing those voices


I would have songs looping in my head that kind of the other thing that I used that used to happen for me is I used to


have thoughts in third person like somebody was narrating my life and


narrating my activities that's clear audience right there and that's mediumship as well Spirits talking to


you this might be might be a ghost might be a spirit the way I differentiate ghost in Spirit by the way is a ghost is


somebody who has left the body and is still in the physical world and a spirit has transcended the physical world and


is back hanging out with Grace right so the other thing is I used to see faces every time I close my eyes I would see


faces or even sometimes just sitting there just you know doing whatever faces would come into my proof into my head


and I thought okay I have an active imagination later I came to understand that's not those stranger faces faces


I'd never seen before and I lived out in the middle of the woods with no power with no TV you know this was not just


like random people that I've seen or the scenes I've seen from a TV it was like these faces would show up in my head and


sometimes they would talk and then they would be gone and it was just like dive bombing all the time


and let me tell you my about my first mediumship experience like full on


mediumship experience so a lot I still see faces in my mind all the time in fact I just you know what I just came up


with and I'm gonna do for my Mystic podcast show supporters so uh the


supporting me on patreon if you want to support me on patreon as low as five bucks a month to support the show and you'll get these bonus episodes I was


talking to my partner today we travel together and I said you know every time we end up in a new place I get dive


bombed by these Spirits I get this influx of spirits coming in so many like faces and voices and just so much coming


through and occasionally I'll start telling him about them as I'm as I'm receiving them if they're really intense but I thought you know what I should do


I should do some bonus material from my podcast where when I end up in a new place I'm gonna just do a live for my


supporters and I'm gonna tell them about the spirits that are here describing them doing mediumship doing you know


channeling the messes whatever comes through because it turns out this stuff is really interesting and you can do that if you're a medium right


the my first like full on mediumship experience that was really interesting I was seven years old


and tell me if you've ever had anything happen like this before okay I was seven years old and I had a little bit of a


fever right so I wasn't very like in my head right I wasn't I was sort of a wall


you know just a little bit and I remember walking across the living room and I was going to get something I don't


remember what it was but I was going walking across the living room going to get something and I stopped


Midway across them we just stopped in my tracks because I saw clear as day this man in my mind and I can still remember


that the clarity of the spirit that showed up and he was a man in his sort


of like mid-30s he had dark hair that was growing out a little bit longer and


he was holding a woman that I understood to be his lover in his arms


and when as he was holding his lover in his


arms he started dictating this story telling me the story about how scared he was how he was fading away he was really


really scared and fading away and seven-year-old me is just I mean it was dumpster just looking at this in my mind and then I grabbed a piece of paper in a


pen and I wrote a poem and the poem was from the perspective of this 30-something-year-old man and the terror


he felt because he was fading away piece by piece from his lover and I wrote it


seven years old folks seven years old and I wrote and I went and I didn't I kind of went okay and then I went and I


tried to find I found my parents I was like hey Mom Dad I wrote a poem and they were busy right they were cleaning out the pantry or something they had three


kids they didn't have any time for me right then and there they said get out of here kid they were busy and I was like okay so I left and I tossed the


poem on the kitchen table and I forgot all about it and the next day my father who was a very severe Vietnam veteran


militant not long on compliments or affection kind of dude he says Ingrid


that was a really good poem and I went whoa really and he came back around later and he said what made you write it


from the perspective of a grown man because I didn't think about this time but they're looking at their seven-year-old going what is this and


all I could say was I don't know because I didn't have language I didn't have Words I Couldn't describe what had


happened to me what I'd experienced but that looking back after I had my full psychic Awakening in adulthood now I can


look back and go oh you little medium child right I had no idea what I was doing to this day when I Channel random


Spirits I will often write a poem Spirit comes through to me in poetry and I have two poetry books that I publish you can


find them on Amazon those are some of the things that I experienced that I can recall when I was a child that really


led to like now I understand is my psychic gifts and many of these I still experience in adulthood you know and


here's the thing this is special and it's also not special here's why


sure this everyone is psychic babe everyone whether you will explore and expand and


hone in and and use these gifts in this lifetime not everybody will not


everybody is here to explore their psychic gifts some people are really here to be just in the world and judging


through and doing what they are doing and having a very sort of flat physical experience others like you


and me we're here for something else we're different Isn't it nice to know


you're not alone too how many of you thought that you were freaking weird and


there was nobody else like you or maybe you were a little crazy and you didn't want to tell people about the voices


or the faces and you tried to control your emotions and make yourself not so sensitive how


many of you tried in futility all your life to change to be normal to fit in


you don't have to anymore because you found your people all the weird ones we found each other


so I shut my gifts down I had all of this as a really mystical child and I


really worked hard to shut my gifts down like I worked really hard to be normal I went the typical like corporate


professional route I got married I had a child I got divorced I was a single mom


and I worked really really hard to not be the sensitive loner nature loving


mystical dreamy child that I was I went for I am practical I am on top of things


I am climbing that corporate ladder I'm going to be successful in what I'm doing why did I do this well the first thing


that I think really contributed to it when I was a child my father died it kind of blew my world apart and it blew


me apart it was a really hard thing to lose my father as a child and so I ended up in a sink with a single mom she was


raising three teenagers and it was just really it was chaotic it was hard she did a great job holy cow when I think I


have one teenager and when I think about my my mom raising three teenagers on her own in the thick of grief from losing my


father I'll hats off woman holy cow I'm not sure I'd be able to do it but she


did it but anyway it does not you know it doesn't really change the fact that it was a really really hard time and my


family tends to be very they put a high priority High prize on professional work


intellectual um Pursuits um making you know good money and having


a good job and all of that and in an effort to fit in to be accepted and


included in my tribe in my family I dove hard into that lifestyle like I said I


worked in marketing in the midi made entertainment industry I was in corporate I was at a desk I was in a


cubicle boom boom I was doing all the things and the result was one


miserable Ingrid I took my discomfort


with myself and this tiny little box I


had shoved myself in and I tried to drink away my misery I tried to drown my


my feelings of inadequacy of not enoughness of not fitting in I drank it


I drank it away I drink it away I drink it away I drank it I was this ball of


pain and anxiety oh my God anxiety through the roof right and boy you know what my


favorite thing to do at that time was codependent relationships oh my God after I split my son's father it was one


toxic situation after another I was drinking too much I was miserable I was anxious I was in codependent


relationships anything I was diving into work I was doing anything anything to escape the horror that was my


inauthentic life is that familiar to you


have you ever done that have you ever found yourself just diving in and escapism have you ever lived a


portion if you lived a portion of your life with really high anxiety or deep depression or toxic relationships to


escape yourself and project all that pain onto another person so you could just keep avoiding the big gaping hole


that is begging for Spirit yeah that's where I lived


and as a result my gifts I suppress them big time and I was really really unhappy


because we are all unhappy until we follow the natural flow of our energy until we expand fully into our gifts as


weird and wacky as they are and they're all weird and wacky and it's great once you get there so that's what


I did so to come back to my spiritual gifts first thing that had to happen is I had to sober up


all right 20 23 I'll have 10 years clean is over Hallelujah it's a really really important step I I


work with a lot of people who have Addiction in their past or sometimes have some active addiction running and


the reason for that is because addiction is really a wide opening to Spirit to


God and when we don't know how to fill that hole with Spirit we try and fill it with


whatever we can get a hold of whether that's alcohol drugs shopping sex work


toxic relationships whatever it is just trying trying trying to fill that hole but the only thing that can fill that


hole is God his Divine Consciousness is Spirit and when you open up to your gifts you


open up to Spirit to spirit communication and that is what fills you up and prevents you from ever needing


that again now for me I recognize that addictive


tendency and when I start doing things that I know I'm doing instead of drinking that's exercising that


addictive tendency I know I'm avoiding myself I know I'm being inauthentic somewhere for me it's often scrolling social media


incessantly Escape Escape Escape when you notice yourself doing that when you're aware of your addictive


Tendencies You know you're avoiding spirit and his spirit is found in our authentic experience in the present


moment in our gifts so the first thing I do sober up I kind of really tumbled and


I went and spent a year in AAA now AA has like a mixed reputation a lot


of people who I work with are not into the 12-step program but I think that's a lot of programming personally if you


actually go through the 12-step program what you're going to find is based on Buddhist principles and it's a really


powerful way to get to dig underneath your own so that you can get


honest with yourself so I went into AAA I got myself a sponsor I went through those 12 steps and the thing that was


really helpful for me to go to a 12-step Community was the the people there


because I had to learn how to do life without drinking how to do people without drinking and that that took a


little bit of doing so I spent a year there before I outgrew it and I started to go Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble


something else something else something deeper something deeper and that's when really got intense I had a friend


and she was a very spiritual friend she was a psychic right and I really really liked her that she was really cool because she was a psychic and I was


really into her and she is like one of my nearest and dearest her name is Lisa Greenfield her website is

20:04 oh my gosh she is just an angel incarnate and she's a beautiful human I'd love to get her on here to do


an interview sometime we'll see if we can get her on here but anyway um she kept asking me she says Hey angry


do you want to go to this shamanic Journey you know and I keep going no no no that's not for me I don't want to do


that nah that's not for me and then she goes okay okay but she kept asking me she was persistent


and then finally she asked me one day when my son was up visiting my mom in Northern California I was living in


Southern California at the time and out of my mouth pop yes before I had any time to judge it


out it came and I went oh I guess that's what I'm doing so I went to this shamanic Journey with


her I was I went to this first meeting prepared to be unimpressed by whatever Shaman was there to do his spiritual


Guru stick right I was really ready to be unimpressed so I show up there and there's about 40 other people there and


I'm like this the whole time right and we all Gather in a big circle and this little Peruvian


man he's looking he's talking to everybody individually going around the circle and I kept watching what I kept


watching people do is put him on a pedestal and he'd just take himself right back down almost like wow he did it over and over again and I couldn't


help but be like I guess I'm a little impressed and he went around to every single person in that group and he


remembered everybody who he'd worked with now he does hundreds like he works with hundreds of people every year and


every person he remembered their name what medicine they'd had before whether they were medications if they had any


medical issues he remembered all of it and every new person he would ask them you know tell me why you're here how you


doing are you on any medications your medicate many issues anything like that and I was I was like wow I mean he just


he just remembered it and then he gets to me and this is horrifying he gets to me and


he looks at me dead in the eyes and goes why are you so afraid it's not the journey what is it you know


what I did I burst into tears in front of 40 strangers just


oh my God I was so embarrassed I still am a little embarrassed but I think


I was like okay so that was my first shamanic Journey experience with this really beautiful


human who really was in his gift and in his magic and helping people and I was really scared to be doing this because I


had Tangled with alcoholism and I was like I don't know about this and I just had this really gentle introduction to


the shamanic journeying in plant medicine work and I was like okay that's not so mad so bad so I I don't remember


what I he gave me but it wasn't Ayahuasca it wasn't anything like that it was just this really just a relax I


just felt really relaxed you know so I continued along this journey for a couple of more sessions and there wasn't


it wasn't very eventful but I was like okay I'm feeling the pull I'm feeling the pull to continue to explore this


side of spirituality because again I spent a year in AAA it had reignited something in my spiritual self I just


didn't know what it was I knew there was a rumbling I knew there was something deeper and I knew I needed to I needed to connect with something deeper and so


I just kept following the breadcrumbs and one day there was the uh this journey they called them Journeys and it


was in Malibu California right this is a big old mansion it was very cool and I remember


getting ready to go to this journey and I remember feeling a commitment inside


myself and where the commitment said I'm ready I'm ready to go all the way it was


a certainty it was a knowing I'm ready to go all the way I just started wearing this Mala if you don't know what a Mala


is it's kind of like a Hindu Rosary my parents gave this to me when I was eight years old that's how long I've hung on


to this thing it's prayer beads is what it is and I just started wearing it regularly it felt like it was really grounding and I remember I was wearing


this Mala and I grabbed hold of it I just stopped as I was getting my grabbed hold I said


he died I'd really like to talk to you and it was the weirdest thing for me to


do that because I was not connected to mediumship I wasn't connected to my gifts and then I remember going I was dumb I just continued getting ready that


was ridiculous now this is the part of the story where I always start crying so I drove to Malibu and I got there and


before I got there what they told me when I got there they said wow this big Raven came into the house and just hung


out in the corner and we couldn't get out until right before you arrived and then it left and what was what's really amazing about this is after my father


died every time my family and I saw Ravens or crows we're like oh there's Dad oh there's Dad and interestingly I


didn't even put it together when I got there I just went oh that's weird so this this Raven had hung out there


and then had taken off gotten they got it out of the house but right before I got there so I get there and I was


really uncomfortable I was like I was all by myself I didn't know anybody there I was like this little ball of


anxiety and we sat around in this circle and what I remember the same same Shaman right


remember who I'd been particularly prepared to be unimpressed by he's


sitting there and he's what I remember him talking about before we got started he said some people most people when


they go through the transformation process they go around in a circle like this right and he did this circle around


with his finger he said some people they do a flip 180 degrees not everybody only


some people do that and I was just like okay okay great where's the medicine right and he said and we're gonna start


everybody off with cacao and if you guys know anything about plant medicine you know that Cacao is a sweet little heart


opener with no psychotropic effects whatsoever this is chocolate basically right it's just a very spiritual energetic experience I was so


disappointed I was like but I'm ready I want to do it and I just had to just chill out and slow down and just be


where I was so I just sat there in the middle of this group of people there were a lot of people there and I'm sitting there just feeling really


uncomfortable and this tiny little woman Saddles up to me I didn't know her name


I'd never met her before she didn't know who I was there was no sign up list it was just you know show up and she


saddled up to me and she goes hi I said hi she said would you like some


energy work and remember at the time I'm I'm just starting my spiritual journey I'm okay like so I like I said okay she


goes okay lay down and so I'm on the floor and I lay down and I mean this woman was Tiny she was the most adorable


adorable human I wish I remembered her name but she was just changed my life she put one hand on my belly on my


sacral and one hand on my heart and she just held it there she had this smile on her face and I'm just feeling


uncomfortable and after a few minutes I started to feel some shifting happening in my body it was like tectonic plates


we're breaking apart and I was like whoa that feels really intense she goes yep


that's adorable and then she goes oh your Dad's here


I remember I don't know this person she does not know me


she starts channeling my father she starts telling me things she could not possibly know there's no sign up for


this event we are not connected on social media I do not know this person's name she does not know my name and she


starts because she and I go what and so she goes yeah and as she's channeling my


father energy of my father and I know it's him because you know when your loved one comes through you can feel it


she gave me all the evidence there's things she could not have known and she's laughing because he's making her laugh and I'm bawling and I'm a snot


face and I'm just like breaking open on all levels like the energy was just cracking cracking cracking like this as


she was doing this energy healing and I'm going tell him this because I'm thinking she's the only one must be the one who can talk to him not me


and she and then she she stops like she just is dead blank face I've never seen


a face go so blank before she goes nope he doesn't talk to me anymore he wants to talk to you and as I said the words I


can't do that I have felt and saw and sensed this white light come in through


my crown chakra down into my body and blast me open I shattered that day and


Bam all of my gifts came roaring to the surface I saw everything I felt


everything I heard everything I knew everything I was tapped into the infinite like I have never been before


and haven't been before since and boom and that whole night I reconnected with my father spent the whole night


channeling and learning and boom boom boom and I never lost him I never lost that connection


and that was my Spiritual Awakening and that was my psychic Awakening now


here's where this was challenging it is a beautiful story and I'll never forget


it and I don't regret it but I went into what I could only describe


as a spiritual psychosis for about two years definitely for like six months to a year but it took me a solid two years


to ground myself in so that I could do this work with you because when I


blasted open like that I was out here having a great time in spirit but I wasn't any use to anybody here's where I


was really fortunate folks I happen to be surrounded by people who did not


medicate me and commit me I was surrounded by people who got it okay I was surrounded by people who


grabbed hold of my ankles as I was drifting away and brought me down to earth and they I had the right people


come into my life for two years to help me ground in ground in ground in ground it and so when I work with people


grounding that is the most important thing is to ground yourself in


because if you're tapping into Spirit like I was and you're not grounded in


you are no use to anybody you've got to be able to bring this through and bring


it through for people and for yourself in a practical and applicable way I couldn't work for two years I was I was


I was out there man but now that I've grounded in that experience is enabling


me to help you awaken to your psychic gifts so that you can be grounded and


get to work right away and if you're already awakened your psychic gifts and you're having a hard time grounding I


can help you with that okay in fact I have a grounding meditation on my website I'm going to add it to the link in my profile


um just a free grounding meditation you can have it it's the most important thing ever is to be able to ground yourself in as you are Awakening to your


psychic gifts grounding is number one priority you don't have to go through the wasted time of cracking open a


spirit and not being able to bring it through not being able to bring it in and ground it in and I know it's not the


sexiest thing I know that but it gets really really sensual with


Spirit when you are deeply rooted and grounded because here's the thing we are not designed to house Spirit like that


we are here in the physical world having a physical experience it's really important to be in the physical world


even as we are connecting with Divine spirit with Divine Source energy so after I had that Awakening everything


changed for me and I remember laying in bed even before I was able to really ground it when I was still way out there


I remember going I this has to be my life everything has to come together and


center around spirit and it has and it has and the more I ground it in


the more I was able to be of service the more I was able to heal myself the more I was able to merge my income and my


career and my family and my relationships everything around Divine Spirit Divine Spirit spirituality our


gifts is the most important thing in the world to me and my it's my whole life this is a great format to like answer


your questions and give you some surface level stuff around your psychic gifts if you want to get really understand the


nuts and bolts of psychic development I have a master class that I am teaching if you can make it live that's the best


even if you can't I will send you the recording of the master class it goes I go through it in a really practical


grounded like way so that you really understand the nuts and bolts of psychic


mediumship and you give you tools to start applying it and practicing it right away so after this or sign up for


that Master Class we're gonna do that at the end of the month let me answer some questions Crystal can you tell someone what their gift is usually yes I'm


pretty good at helping people identify their gifts which is handy because I'll tell you this Crystal most people


they don't notice what their own gifts are me for example I had no idea it was


Clairvoyant I had been seeing faces and Spirits at all my life and I was like no I don't really think I'm Clairvoyant


because it was so natural and so normal to me so it is helpful I am able to help you suss that out and understand what


your gifts are and I can usually sense that all right David from California could I have premonitions in my dreams absolutely that is the gift of like


prophetic dreams that's a sign of clear cognizance which is knowing and then dreaming of course if you have those


those crazy vivid dreams like they're in a movie um that's Clairvoyance and when our


psychic gifts show up in our dream state it's usually because we're using them less or not at all in our waking State


all right um Mary Wakeman Ohio how can I get my vision I could I would see movies okay


how can you get your vision back um if you're very Clairvoyant and you feel like you're not seeing it in your


Waking Life I want to tell you you probably are you probably are and you're


just not registering it so you want to slow yourself down and pay attention to


the images that are popping into your head now every Clairvoyant is different some clairvoyants see things very


symbolically some Clairvoyance see things very uh practically or literally


that's the word I'm looking for I see it very literally the other thing that is really going to help you is meditation and focusing on your third eye your


third eye chakra has to do with Clairvoyance so anything you can do to awaken that third eye chakra that's about trusting your Insight and


meditation and focusing on your third eye and intentionally opening your third eye is going to help you with that and


then start to write down do like a hit list of things that you see and then see


how it turns out later see if you can wait and see if you understand what things mean okay Tegan in Australia what does it


mean when I hear voices and I see images as I'm going to sleep so when we are in our Waking Life okay our mind is going a


million miles a minute most of us right most of us have a really active mind it's full of worries it's full of anxieties it's full of thinking about


the future ruminating on the past it's just a very human thing the mind is not a happy making machine it's a survival


machine so it's going to default to the negative it's going to default to scanning for problems but what that does


is that gets in the way of your intuition and your psychic gifts okay because we live in a world where we have


so much activity going on and so much we can think about and plan out and map out and pros and cons all in your head right


so when we're starting to go to sleep when we are asleep or when we're meditating or when we're kind of


drifting away our mind levels go down right when your mind levels go down like


that that's when you're going to be more able to sense spirit because your mind


isn't in the way and so your more natural gifts will bubble to the surface which is why our gifts show up so much


in our dream Green State or when we're just right away going to sleep if you're hearing a voice outside of your head or


inside of your head but mostly outside your head and you're seeing faces like that your Clairvoyance which is the


seeing and clear audience which is the hearing and your mediumship which is connecting with Spirit are all sort of


coming to the surface so what you want to do is if you want to slow this down and not be so Jarred by it meditation is


really really good um and um just paying attention to what you're what's popping into your head in your


Waking Life Claire audience usually when we're sort of awake and in our conscious mind it might show up as a different


sounding thought than your own thought so a thought from your mind and your brain is going to be eye centered and


it's usually going to be negative and because that's just the way the mind works right but a spirit a thought


that is Claire audience it's a message from Spirit you're gonna find it's Kinder it's more benevolent it's more


um uh it's directive you know it's going to give you directives that kind of thing you might hear songs looping in your head that kind of a thing like well


um a verse of a song or a line of a song that's a message from Spirit and you start to see things in your mind's eye whether it's faces or images and like I


said to the last commenter um you can't and to Mary from Wakeman Ohio you can


um start to meditate write things down write your Visions down it's just a slow down start to notice when things pop


into your head because likely you're seeing a lot in your mind but you're just discounting and going oh it's my


imagination and it is your imagination but it's Spirit riding the wave of your imagination like Clarity is the spirit


riding the wave of your thoughts you know is using what you've already got to deliver messages to you Jennifer from


Florida what is the significance of seeing shapes like a kaleidoscope I want you to think about or feel into


the nature of creation of the universe geometric shapes sacred geometry is


sacred for a reason the universe creation is made up of geometric shapes and all the moving parts and patterns we


can't possibly grok this with our human brain because our Consciousness is focused on this ecstatic point in


creation but when you close your eyes and you start to see these moving shapes these Kaleidoscope shapes and colors and


geometric shapes then you are seeing a piece of like the underpinnings the


inner workings the bones of creation the energy that is


moving creation what is underneath what we see with our physical senses and our


physical eyes Diana in San Diego I can walk in a room and pick up on people's energy yes you can so here's the thing I


love this question because this is really juicy you intuitive being know


within the first two to five seconds whether someone is right for you or not whether they are a yes or a no for you


for not now here's what we do our energy our intuition will pick up a yes or a note about a person and then what we do


is we jump into our mind and we start to Overlay that intuitive yes or no with our stories energy does not have a value


judgment that person may or may not be a bad person and I'm not saying that you're judging people like this but it's


very human Diana and anybody else it's very human to start to create judgments


and stories around people who are who are a no for us I want to encourage you to when you notice yourself doing that


just suspend judgment and let it be okay that that person is simply a no for you


it doesn't mean that they're bad or wrong it doesn't mean you're bad or wrong it just means that person is a no


and your intuition is giving you a very clear energetic evaluation of that person or that situation and then let it


go when the Mind comes in and starts to get judgmental or tell a story or decide whether a person or a thing or a


situation is right or wrong that's when we start to lose connection with our intuition now your intuition is never


going to be attached when you're really in your intuition you're getting things intuitively you're not attached it's


just very objective it's just like okay it is what it is it's whatever right when you start to feel emotionally


attached or judgmental or opinionated about something you've lost connection with your Intuition or your intuition is


really muddled with your own projection and that's really important to be aware of when you're trying to tap into your


intuition that's a big tell for you am I attached to the situation if you're attached it's not your intuition if


you're unattached it's your intuition okay another question Aviana from Pennsylvania how can I tell if I'm


Clairvoyant or something else in my master class I'm going to take you through an exercise a meditation that


will help you really understand your strongest Claires all of us have all of


us have some form of psychic senses most of us have one or two areas where we're really strong is like the four main


Claires are Clairvoyance which is seeing Claire audience which is hearing clairsentience which is feeling and


clear cognizance which is knowing and it can be hard to determine what the heck we are because like I said earlier it's


very easy for us to dismiss our gifts because it's so normal and we think everybody can do that but this


meditation what it will do is it'll help you tap into your psychic gift so Aviana if you want to really get into


understand where you are most gifted the best thing to do is come to my uh


psychic development master class even if you get the recording if you can't make it live just get that and that will take


you through the process and you'll have a really clear understanding of what your gifts are Naomi North Carolina why


do I dream in someone else's body I know it's me but not really me what this feels like to me is


um you're tapping into another lifetime so this is okay this is where this is where it gets a little mind bendy here


we've heard about reincarnation right we tend to think of reincarnation as a linear process past present future right


my past lives my present lives and I have yet to experience my future lives but time doesn't really work like that


we in these bodies are experiencing time in a linear way but it's not the truth of it it's just our experience of it the


truth is everything is happening at the same time so every Incarnation is


happening right now and on top of that every permutation of every Incarnation


is happening right now okay so you and I are here having this experience I'm


talking you're listening we're having this version of this experience at the same time in another drop of time I see


them as droplets of time we're having the same same experience but it's going slightly differently giving you a slightly different experience giving me


a slightly different experience and right all through the creation you can you can kind of figure like how vast


that gets Naomi when you're dreaming that you're in somebody else's body but you know it's you but it's not you and


you're like well how the heck did I get here it's really pretty easy you could do this in your Waking Life too you can tap into your other lifetimes it's easy


to in your dream state to move into another drop of time if you will and


have the experience of your Consciousness focused to that particular point in creation and when you're awake


you're Focus to this particular point in creation Lindsay Illinois what does it mean when strangers always stop to tell


you there's life story you're an empath empaths are the healers of the psychic World okay empaths are


here to hold mad space and allow the person in front of us to do their


transformative flip to heal by any means necessary and you do that by holding


space and reflecting back people's experiences so that's why you can feel all the damn things is because you're


meant to feel it and reflect it back so that person feels incredibly seen and


they can do their own healing work the mistake that empaths make is they try and heal all the people's things


themselves just like take it on and like try and work through it and fix it and that doesn't actually help anything you


want to feel everything it's your diagnostic tool you know exactly what's going on with somebody when somebody's


coming up and telling you their life story they're sensing that you have the ability to hold this incredible space


for them to do their inner healing work and when you just listen actively listen cultivate that space and reflect back to


them their story and their feelings and all of that that is the most potent form of healing that you can do in this


lifetime that's really beautiful Lindsay and if it gets to be too much you can always say no like boundaries are not a


bad thing you're not always going to be in the space to hold mad space for somebody you know who who needs to to


feel their feelings and this isn't about you fixing them this is about you mirroring them being a mirror for them


if you are wanting to get in and really understand psychic development I'm


teaching a master class holy folks this has been really fun I hope you've learned a lot today I hope


I got to answer some questions and even if I didn't get to answer yours I hope that what I did answer has been really helpful next week I have somebody an


interview okay it's a segment I'm calling Mystics in the wild I have a huge roster of incredible Mystics


psychics healers uh writers creatives who are tapped into their gifts and


using them in really interesting and unique ways next week I have Monica Carlos coming on Monica Carlos is a


witch she's an author she's a Healer she's a coach she's all kinds of


wonderful things and we're going to talk about how she uses her gifts of channeling spirit in her creative work in her creative writing she Taps into


other dimensions and writes books right how cool is that this is the Mystic show and listen if you really want


to learn psychic development in a clear concise practical applicable way I will


take you through the nuts and bolts of psychic development in my master class but that is my gift to you because this is the debut Mystic


show so thank you so much much I am so looking forward to seeing you again and if you want to support me and support


the show on an ongoing basis go to my patreon as low as five bucks a month okay you can throw down and show some


support and if you are supporter on patreon on any level you get those bonus episodes like I talked about earlier


where when I show up at a new place I'm gonna go live I'm gonna talk about the spirits that I got there all kinds of other cool okay this is my favorite


thing to do and it makes me really happy that you are a part of it go to my website Ingrid H thank you so


much you have a wonderful day I will see you next week [Music]

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