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3 Ways You Block Your Intuition, and How to Stop | Psychic Development | The Mystic Bitch Show

In this episode of The Mystic Bitch Show, Ingrid discusses the top three (3) ways you block your intuition, and how you can stop doing that to strengthen your psychic gifts. Q&A about dreams, strengthening your clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance, astral traveling, and deja vu to name a few.

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About Ingrid H. Turner

Hi, I’m Ingrid H. Turner. I’m a professional Psychic Medium, Psychic Development Teacher, and Somatic Manifesting Coach.

I help the misfits, the black sheep, and other highly creative individuals tap into their strongest psychic gifts so that they can unload their feelings of inadequacy and move fully into their powerful contributions to society.

I guide you to absolute trust in your own intuition by shedding layers of conditioned unlovability to open your entire life to a new vision of clarity and direction.

I believe in the collective power of the individual: when you recognize your own gifts and put them to work through the vehicle of your passions, void of the self-doubt that plagues so many gifted individuals, you are of divine service through that passion.

This all results in mastery of yourself, your intuitive superpowers, and stepping boldly, confidently onto your own stage so you can share your healing and creative gifts with as big an audience as you can handle!

Embrace your vulnerability and step into this ring of magic with me. You will learn to embrace your psychic mastery, trust yourself completely, and it will lead you to sharing your utterly unique brand of magic with authenticity and potency, and, in return, receiving the abundance you were born for.

Come join in – get confident, get sassy, and get busy raising the consciousness of the planet through the vehicle of your passion.

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