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We Launch November 2nd, 2021

Become that
Spiritual Entrepreneur

Inside &  Out!

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A 12-Week Entrepreneurial Immersion
with Ingrid H. Turner.

Founder & CEO at Bhava Spiritual Mission
Architect of the Soulmatic Renewal Healing Method
Author, Poet, and Mama

We begin November 2nd, 2021

You are So Done with the Rat Race.

It's become increasingly evident through the discomforts of the current political, social, and economic climate that it is time -


in fact, it is past time -


for you to take the leap into your gifts and offer yourself fully in divine service to the planet.


And ensure that your needs are met and your life is thriving. 

You're absolutely right - the time is now, my beautiful friend. The world needs your gifts, and it needs them delivered through the vehicle of your passion.

This is your opportunity to be guided through the nuts and bolts of baby entrepreneurship, and, optionally, receive top-shelf coaching from an experienced, dedicated, and pragmatic divine channel.

This program gives you every opportunity to catapult you into your highest expression. 

This course is more than throwing up a website and figuring out your target audience.


Although, it is that - but more importantly, we address the deeper stuff: the inner healing that must take place in order for you to rise fast and meet this new paradigm head on. 

Join the throng now. We launch November 2nd, 2021.

Who's Teaching This Thing?

Ingrid H. Turner has been a full time Spiritual entrepreneur for eight years. She navigated the transition from Corporate employee to bootstrappin' self employment, and now runs two organizations, managing a team of five to help meet the demands of executive leadership. 

She didn't start there, though.

She started where you are - passionate as hell and committed as fuck. 

Her background is in marketing and technology: two important skills she put to use in building her own businesses, and skills she will pass along to you, as you embark on this exhilarating journey of


Personal, Professional, and Spiritual freedom. 

Ingrid is passionate about helping spiritual teachers, mystics, healers, channels, and all manner of spiritual workers come into their gifts, find their power, and show up for themselves and the people who need them. 

Her approach is lovingly direct, inspiring, and kick-in-the-pants-oh-hell-yes motivation.

Your time is now, beloved.


Don't quit on yourself, and don't quit on the world. Don't let one more day go by without the world experiencing the fullness of you. 

We need you.
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This is 12 Weeks of Spiritual Entrepreneurship Inside and Out👇

Gold and White Balloons

Course Packages 

Package 1

Audio Course + Digital Community

A private podcast with 12 weeks of lectures - pure gold to help you get your business set up fast and clear the internal noise. 

A Private social community personally hosted by Ingrid. Here is where you share your experiences, get feedback, and receive feedback from Ingrid and the community. 

A members-only portal with budget-friendly, real-world tools, resources and recommendations to help you manage your business with professionalism and pizazz. 


Installment Plans Available!

Package 2

Audio Course + Community + Weekly Group Coaching

Everything in package 1, plus 12 weekly group coaching, Q&A and working classes with Ingrid. Bring your business challenges and internal knots to the group for mastermind support and rapid clearing.


Installment Plans Available!

Package 3

Audio Course + Community + Group Coaching + 1-to-1s

Everything in package 1 and 2 and three one-on-one Soulmatic Renewal coaching sessions with Ingrid. Get focused, one-on-one support with your audio course, your community, and group sessions. 


Installment Plans Available!