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Join date: Dec 8, 2021

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Heyoka Empath, Arcturian alpha indigo starseed. awakened ascending. Musician, artist, tarot diviner. Sagittarius sun and moon, Taurus rising.♐🌞🌚♉⬆

See what I m about, purpose and calling on Instagram @highervibetarot and FB public page Gregg Ballatore.

Seeking the wisdom in all things. Learning always questioning everything. Innately channeling the "iam" in me Im coming into alignment and becoming a bridge between the physical and the spiritual realm with messages that bring attention to the shift, the ever expanding shift in consciousness of a new now, a healer. My gifts are growing and I m remaining grounded. I m encompassed by the holy spirit, taught by my experiences and now I m fully in touch with my ancestors angels and a spirit guide past life soulmate. IV e detached from all associations of my past as they were lower vibrational, abusive. however IV e used the experiences to teach me to explore my shadow, and embrace my authenticity and further evolve. Im a beacon of a higher vibration with much more to explore. IV e faced down demonic entities and principalities by drawing upon the holy spirit and archangels. discarding fear and doubt IV e healed and firmly unapologetically stand in my power as i know it to be today. I m not looking back. I m calling in soul tribe to assist me in my purpose. Im privileged, grateful deep and wide. 🙂

gregg ballatore