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What Happens After We Die? | Mystic Bitch Show S2 E2 | Psychic Development | Spirituality

A full time psychic medium, Ingrid has had detailed conversations with the dead about what happens after we die. In this episode, Ingrid shares about the loss of a family member, and takes the opportunity to tell us what happens after we die - death is not the end, and we can continue to communicate with our loved ones after they die. What options we have, how to move through the process and back to grace and love with Divine Spirit.

- Your loves ones are always okay

- There is no such thing as eternal hell

- Time is an illusion

- Our loved ones go through an “integration” process after they die, at which time they are not available to talk to us

- Karma explained

- How people get stuck and become ghosts

She also answers great questions from live audience members about life review versus a life integration process, claircognzance, prophecy, seeing spirits in meditation, helping ghosts cross over, what it means when you see orbs, spiritual awakening, empath/clairsentience, astral travel while dreaming, controlling your psychic gifts, developing your psychic gifts, and how to go into the Akashik records.


Resources for psychic development and spirituality:

Learn more about Ingrid:

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