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Transforming the Mother Wound | Monika Carless | The Mystic Bitch Show | Psychic | Spirituality

The Mystic Bitch Show welcomes Monika Carless for this segment of Mystics in the Wild. Monika is a witch, multi-genre author, wise woman, renaissance woman, channel, and healer. Monika tells us the story of her difficult and tragic origins in Poland to overcoming childhood abuse and expanding into the inspiring and potent force she is today. Incredibly multi-faceted, Monika’s current focus is on transforming the mother wound and helping women find their source of sovereignty through healing core wounds around the mother. Monika is the author of “Transforming the Mother Wound” and the accompanying journal. Both are available on Amazon and all major book retailers. Purchase your copy using the link below and support the Mystic Bitch Show.

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I write we dance with Mother wound to find our worth and our purpose mother

0:05 may never actualize into the person we think we need her to be and yet we can

0:10 become our own Center the fact is we have exactly the right mother to launch

0:15 us on our wisdom path she is the portal for our empowerment mother is our

0:21 Awakening welcome to the Mystic [ __ ] show my name is Ingrid H Turner and this is our

0:27 segment of Mystics in the wild where I get to tap my decade-long roster of

0:32 incredible Mystics healers teachers and creatives to come on here and talk about how they are showing up and being of

0:39 service to Divine Spirit through the vehicle of their passion tapping into their spiritual gifts and trusting

0:44 themselves to step onto their world stage and share with this big an audience as they can handle this week we

0:50 have Monica Carlos Monica Carlos is what I like to refer to as an absolute Renaissance woman she's a witch she's a

0:56 Healer she's a multi-genre author she's a channel for divine Spirit you are really going to enjoy this beautiful

1:02 human and the work that she is doing in the world [Music]

1:10 Monica thank you so much for coming on and being on my Mystic [ __ ] Show

1:16 podcast I'm really happy that you're here and I'm really happy you said yes like I said to you before when I was

1:22 thinking about this segment you just your name just kept blaring in my head not like a sound but like one of those

1:29 um neon signs Monica Monica Monica and okay okay okay okay so I'm going to my Monica and then you said yes and I love

1:34 you so much so um this segment of the show the mystics in the wild

1:42 it's really about me I have this huge roster of amazing humans who I'm

1:49 connecting who I connected with over the last 10 years doing all kinds of weird and wonderful mystical things out in the

1:54 world and my show is primarily about intuition development psychic development because I think that is the

2:01 pathway to lead a fulfilling life when you really learn to trust yourself and your connection to Divine Source energy

2:07 and you are a shy I see it was a shining example of that and taking your gifts

2:13 out into the world honestly I see you as a Renaissance woman everything that you do and have done that I've seen and I've

2:21 Just Seen just a little bit I've only known you for a few years and so I know

2:26 that your life your the life that you have lived and are continuing to live is

2:32 full of depth and richness and variety that I'm really excited to get into and especially excited to talk about what

2:38 your focus is right now right but that's the way that I see you I mean you are a

2:45 multi-genre author which I don't think is that common you know and I remember

2:51 talking one time about your dark pool Trilogy which you're going to talk about more and the um the the fiction right

2:59 and I remember talking to you one time about how this is a channeling experience for you you're reaching into

3:04 other dimensions and then using your creative juices to bring it and birth it into the world and I do that with my

3:10 poetry you know that's something I'm really familiar with you tap into a spirit or a dimension or an energy and

3:17 it comes through in your words and your writing so I definitely want to talk about that because I think that's a really powerful way to talk about

3:23 mysticism and our intuitive gifts and our ability to connect with Spirit but I know that's not entirely your focus

3:30 right now like that's sort of at the point at the moment is that correct yeah okay so but anyway these and then you

3:37 you know I went through your your your you're an incredible healer I went through your program you're healing the

3:42 mother wound program and I went through that at a time when I desperately needed you and your energy and your expertise

3:50 and wisdom and experience with dealing with the mother wound I was going through a really difficult time with my

3:55 entire family at that point and you know something that I posted on Tick Tock earlier when I was talking about you and

4:02 the show and how important it is to address that core mother experience and

4:10 we all have almost all of us I think regardless of our upbringing because Mom is human you know we all have like this

4:17 is some an intense uh experience of mom because Mom is the

4:25 First mom is like God to us and we never quite lose that right so the experience

4:31 with Mom ripples out into our lifetime and I know we're gonna talk about that in the book that she wrote about that which you parlayed off of your

4:38 um your program which was incredible and was a Lifeline my lifeline while I was

4:44 going through my own healing process around that and things are much much better now like things are good and your

4:49 program was pivotal in that experience so just the way that I see you this Renaissance woman multi-genre author

4:55 Super Creative incredibly loving space holding healer I mean the way that you show up in the world has always

5:01 impressed me and inspired me but I'm going to turn it over to you I want you to tell people how like introduce

5:07 yourself like how would you introduce yourself well thank you so much for that

5:12 introduction it was so beautiful and so heartwarming and I really love that you use the word renaissance woman because

5:19 you know truly my life this present lifetime is so deeply deeply informed by

5:26 my past lives and by my ancestors that you know half the time I'm living you

5:33 know in another experience and I feel like this lifetime I'm really pulling a

5:38 lot you know from other lives in order to be able to understand myself better understand this world better and

5:45 understand others so you know I'm just like a regular regular woman who is

5:50 living a very simple life I love I live on Vancouver Island in Canada and I love

5:57 quiet Pursuits I love reading I love writing I love creating growing my own

6:03 food and creating a beautiful home that's something that really inspires me is to making our home someplace that is

6:11 a safe container someplace you can come back to from the world and feel that I

6:17 can be myself here so you know as much as I talk about

6:23 um wild women and Wise Women I really feel that the Wilderness that is within us is something that is

6:30 cultivated in our own very private space and it's really more of a deconditioning

6:36 than a conditioning to be wild but more of a deconditioning from you know what we've been kind of initiated into by the

6:43 world yeah deep conditioning from Conformity absolutely or you're speaking my language yeah

6:49 and um writing for me has really been the thing that has saved reading and writing

6:55 has what really saved my life literally from uh an abusive childhood and um

7:01 you know just just coming from one culture in Europe and then being adopted

7:07 into Canada and where are you from Poland Poland yeah yes and so having to

7:12 learn a new language and just becoming acclimatized to hear but within a very

7:18 kind of shaky and unsafe and abusive um family

7:24 um you know was quite the challenge yeah do you know going into your this lifetime

7:31 this lifetime's origin story a bit I mean you mentioned an abusive childhood and and something that Spirit told me

7:39 one time that really struck me said spirit said you're given all the tools

7:45 and experiences you need you're born into it to build yourself into the best possible version of you but it's up to

7:50 you to put the pieces together that way and you mentioned an abusive childhood and that kind of foundation is

7:56 incredibly challenging to rise from can you talk about like more about your origin story your childhood and like how

8:03 it fed into you know like stepping stones to where you are now yeah

8:08 um absolutely I really feel like our whatever experiences we had as a child are certain filters or veils that we

8:17 then look out into our the rest of our life through those veils

8:23 unless we want to drop the veils or we or we can drop those veils or we can drop those filters but I feel like

8:28 they're always going to inform us yeah so you know I came from a small polish

8:35 town where I lived with my grandmother and my mother had passed away from cancer and my mom my dad had actually

8:41 committed suicide oh my God yeah or died by Suicide I didn't know that until I was much older yeah but in any case my

8:48 grandmother really wanted to give me a better life so she adopted me out to family in Canada

8:55 and you know that that was like a complete culture shock you know yeah how

9:01 old were you at that point so I was nine you were nine and you came from a communist poll into Canada to Canada

9:08 where like kind of lack of food and infrastructure to you go to a grocery

9:13 store and there's food for days and I literally had a big meltdown in a grocery store because I my body could

9:20 not hold that information that this food was not going to run out that I was not

9:25 going to be hungry it was really great footing for me though to really appreciate my life yeah

9:32 I appreciate um food to appreciate resources and abundance you know it really set me up

9:38 for like appreciating abundance um but I still had to work out through um a

9:45 lot of lack stuff because I should come from lack so anyway

9:51 um I had a really great um spiritual experience when I was very

9:56 small I knew that where I was wasn't good and that it was harming me but I also had

10:03 the Insight that I'm not going to be here forever and I was like sitting there like 10 years old going okay how

10:08 many years counting on my fingers do I have to stay here and then I knew I have to survive this

10:15 and then I'm out and then I can create my own life and I was like you were 10 up around 10 at that point wow and I was

10:23 super determined that this was not going to Define my life I knew that it was

10:28 going to be a process yeah but I felt like okay when I get out on my own I can

10:34 recreate my life and I I can pull in whatever I need or I want and

10:39 you know in terms of in terms of coming through that there were very many layers I was

10:46 like I was like as a Catholic then I thought oh that's not working for me when I got older I I defected to the

10:54 Protestant church and then I realized this isn't quite it either and then I just walked into the woods one day and I

11:00 was like I came out and I was a completely different person I was like this is my

11:05 grounding this is my mother this is my Earth you know this is my rootedness and

11:11 that set me kind of on my wise woman path and

11:16 um following following my healing through grounded spirituality yeah which

11:22 he was not I wasn't really interested as much in um Dogma or no I imagine not

11:31 yeah I was interested in um what is earthy and what is rooted that can hold me down to to this planet

11:38 so I can keep so I can stay here because you know when I was very young I I

11:43 thought about suicide I I thought you know what are the different ways that I can escape this

11:50 horror that I'm experiencing right now right but um I also hadn't really

11:57 innate love for the planet and for nature and I was always able to find Joy

12:03 somehow you know like in like you meet somebody you meet a teacher this is a kind word or you meet somebody that

12:10 introduces you to gardening um so then you know the things that you know the kindnesses that I met along the

12:16 way or the interests that I developed along the way became my healing and I'm not a person that was ever able to go to

12:23 somebody and talk about it and talk therapy I knew was never going to work for me why do you think that is

12:32 and again I have to say it was all about intuition because intuitively I knew that I didn't want to be in my story all

12:40 the time I wanted to be seeking Solutions outside of my story I knew my story was the

12:48 foundation you know that I had grown up with but talking about it over and over to me was trauma right and I and I do

12:56 feel like for a lot of people reliving their story constantly by talking about it can be very traumatic

13:02 so I think we just have to really know ourselves and know what is going what kind of therapy is going to work for us

13:08 yeah for me it was basically a forest yeah so for me I I have the same kind of

13:15 experience with talk therapy I think it can be very helpful because but the

13:21 story needs to be acknowledged I feel like having a witness to hear our story is incredibly healing going back into

13:28 the story over and over and over again to me felt detrimental I don't think

13:33 that's true for everybody like you say I think everybody's got their own way for me somatic Bodywork is what took me out

13:40 of my [ __ ] yeah yeah absolutely yeah and so that's the thing like I think

13:47 it's really important to find our way yeah and to find what what kind of therapy works for us and I'm teaching

13:54 what I'm I'm teaching because that's what worked for me I'm incapable of teaching something else because I didn't

13:59 experience it and so I feel like the people that are drawn to my book into my

14:05 teachings are people who also feel that that's their best path you know yes yeah so

14:11 I do want to say this like the the hit I always had is we're all

14:18 moving in the same direction all the teachers out there you know all the spiritual teachers Mystics people who

14:25 are out there being of service in the world because they feel a downright compulsion I mean none of us would be doing this if it wasn't a compulsive

14:31 Behavior it's hard work and it requires yes constantly doing your own work which

14:38 is like okay it's a lot um but when we have that compulsion people who have that compulsion we're all saying the same thing we're all pointing in the

14:44 same direction we're all walking towards the same path but there are eight billion people on this planet not everybody is going to resonate with

14:49 Monica's way or Ingrid's way or Ronaldo's way they have to find they have to there's so many teachers needed

14:57 with so many different Avenues Pathways like you know coming in towards that's

15:02 that that same core because there's so many people in the world you know and everybody's going to

15:07 resonate with somebody differently and the so you let's talk about your book because this is your current Focus

15:14 um your book is called healing the mother wound yes and and I have it there it is oh

15:22 sorry not healing but transforming the mother would I like that better I like that better talk to us about the book

15:28 what does the book do for you for a person who who picks it up and and reads it who should read your book

15:35 um I'll tell you one thing that I want to say about my book is that I wanted it to be something

15:41 really beautiful um that you could hold in your hands and that it would feel I feel that beauty

15:48 really heals people so one of my first intentions was how can I get some

15:53 amazing artwork in um in this book and how can I make the

15:58 book feel like as you slip flipping through the pages even the formatting how can it feel beautiful because I feel

16:05 like that can be part of the journey towards healing and then as you know because you are in my course I had

16:12 written a course and um I Love Leading people through it but

16:17 as I'm like everybody else learning about myself more and more and I understand that my best way of teaching

16:24 is through the written word yes you are an incredible writer I'm going to interrupt you for a second because I I

16:29 don't think I ever told you this you were kind enough to write the foreword for my poetry book The [ __ ] a

16:35 Reclamation and my best friend who is really great about like building me up

16:41 and like I mean he's just a wonderful friend I showed him the proof of my book before I published it and I had it all

16:46 formatted laid out and there was your 40 happened to open it to your forward and he goes who wrote this this is

16:52 incredible I was like Monica read a poem I was like no look at

16:57 this this is so well written and I was like okay I'll tell her that once I get over it but you truly are a a

17:06 um Priestess with words you are incredible with your with your words and the way that you communicate through the

17:11 written word so I'm sorry please I just had to tell you that's okay continue so so part of it was like is the book

17:18 going to be beautiful is it going to feel nice in somebody's hands is it going to be beautiful to look at and

17:24 then can that beauty lead the person to the next chapter in the next chapter and be part of the healing and then I just

17:32 you know I felt that if I gave somebody not just wrote like how do you heal that

17:39 mother wound um I just wanted it to be a journey for them so so you know it's a little bit of

17:45 my teaching and it's it's Journal prompts and some coursework so you're

17:50 doing it like you're you're doing your work you know you're not relying just on me and then you have a resource you can

17:57 go back to this and you can do the exercises over and over um but I just wanna can I read you

18:04 something please please yes so in the in the beginning of the book I

18:10 write about what mother wound like how it affects us and I write we dance with

18:16 Mother wound to find our worth and our purpose mother may never actualize into

18:21 the person we think we need her to be and yet we can become our own Center the

18:27 fact is we have exactly the right mother to launch us on our wisdom path she is

18:32 the portal for our empowerment mother is our Awakening yes yes

18:40 at the beginning so people could understand that no matter what kind of mother they were

18:47 born to or born through that that was exactly the person they needed for their wisdom path because

18:54 really we're here to work through those veils and to

19:00 find ways to be of service to ourselves and to be of service to the planet and to others yes so there's no point in you

19:09 know I feel like the main the main theme like

19:15 the thing that I feel that heals us the most or transforms the mother wound is letting go of the mother that we wish we

19:22 had and and if you can let go of the mother you wish you had

19:27 then you are on the path for self-healing because you're not holding yourself

19:33 prisoner to that idea it's like it's like holding up a picture of a leopard to a pheasant and saying see this I need

19:41 you to be this leopard and the pheasants like I I don't got it like I can't have spots

19:47 and I I can't transform myself into this leopard but if we're insisting that this

19:53 is what they're going to be for us it's we're just blocking ourselves you know I mean obviously there's so many

20:00 other things that we have to get through to transform that wound but I know one of the things is just letting go of

20:07 what we wish we had had yes and accepting what we did have you know

20:12 Monica I have to give you some energetic feedback right now when you pulled open that book and you started reading it and

20:19 you lot your energy locked in with me completely as you start talking about the mother wound and your philosophy

20:27 about the mother wound and I know this is derived from all of your healing experience and the information that

20:33 comes through from Spirit like I can see the Two Worlds colliding in your heart the depth of Nature and the groundedness

20:40 and the the experience of this lifetime is meeting what I can see very clearly

20:45 is Spirit coming through you and and that has guided you through this process and it's like they meet in your heart

20:51 and I just felt your heart completely lock in with me and my crown chakra was all a tingle as you were talking about

20:58 this I can feel deeply how aligned this is with your path and it's really a

21:03 treat to log in with you thank you and like when I look at my needle chart

21:09 it's so obvious that I'm gonna be touching the mother wound it's like okay

21:14 so I know that I'm like oh yeah yeah yeah and I love that you're bringing it through in words because the course like

21:22 I said was excellent it was excellent but there's something about when you you've put it into a book and you're

21:28 speaking to it and you're using the you're teaching through language as opposed to

21:34 like teaching a course is different because there's some there's an energetic difference we're sort of down in the muck with people right and that's

21:40 great like we need to be there as teachers people need teachers to be there and be in the muck with them but

21:46 there's sort of an exaltation that I'm feeling in your energy where you've risen above that and I don't like

21:51 hierarchy it's not about better or worse it's really just a shift in energy your energy is shifted and I I can feel the

21:57 lightness and the power that is coming through you as you're speaking about this and I I hope that your written word

22:03 is beautiful I hope that you do more of this talking about it like whether it's in interviews or doing your own live

22:08 videos or what have you because you can really feel that energy that that power that power and that love

22:16 coming together as you're speaking about it yummy yeah thank you so much I love

22:22 it the other the other thing that I why I

22:28 wanted it to be a book because I want people to hold that yeah just hold it

22:33 that's beautiful so and this is currently available on Amazon yes yes

22:39 anywhere else or just on Amazon for the moment Amazon you know like the usual Barnes and Noble okay all the places so it's

22:46 transforming the mother wound author is Monica Carlos that's Monica with a K and

22:51 Carl s like she has no car that's right Monica Carlos and

22:58 um people can support you and your work and do and this is an incredible jump start to Healing their own transforming

23:05 I love transforming even better but it's so much better than healing like it and I didn't realize the book was called that probably because I wasn't really

23:11 ready for that until this conversation to like bring that in but transforming that mother wound transforming your

23:16 relationship with your mom the relationship with the idea of your mother because the mother is like she's the core of everything when you the

23:23 mother you incarnate with is the core of your it's like the seed and then everything Blooms from the relationship

23:29 with the mother to some extent that's true with the father but I think it's more so with the mother because you are in your your conception begins in the

23:36 moment now let me ask you this did you did your journey like did your mother wound is this really originating from

23:43 the death of your mother or is this more about your adoptive mother or like where does this why do you feel

23:48 like this really comes from yes great question um nobody's ever asked me that before no

23:54 [Music] um I don't feel the wound from my mother passing away

24:00 for some reason I've always been like well I'll tell you another part of it

24:05 why um but I always felt like oh right you know we were together and now we're not

24:11 and I felt like we're going we're going to be connected anyway yeah when my

24:17 second daughter was born I like I was holding her and I looked down at her and

24:22 I said oh there you are

24:29 yeah and um you know we have you know a

24:35 special connection with each of our children and my firstborn daughter she made me a mother and that did a lot of

24:42 healing of of my mother wound you know and and the journey that she and I have had together

24:48 so each of my daughters has been part of that transformation and allowing me to

24:54 grow into the mother that I didn't have which obviously you know mothering how it is nobody gets it perfect

25:02 um but we try you know we do our best um and so

25:08 it just the adoption and the being transplanted

25:14 into a different country and a different culture was already like you know a very

25:19 very big shock and then when I was coming to my new mother I realized that

25:25 I was going from like the love of my grandmother who I lived with after my mother passed away from this deep love and this nurturing

25:32 to emptiness and that's where my mother wouldn't begin so so was it by that emptiness do you

25:39 mean like she didn't really care about you she wasn't connected to you bonded who didn't love you is that what that is

25:44 that what you mean by that I do feel that she you know at the beginning we were new to each other right and I

25:50 wasn't exactly what she expected so I don't I think that her love for me grew

25:55 um and I do know that she did love me very much like by the time we were

26:00 you know she was like passing away and she was living with me at the time

26:05 um I knew that we had you know there was so much love for me and appreciation for

26:10 me but when I was young and I really really needed that for my for my foundation for my life yeah she couldn't

26:17 give me that because her Focus was controlling me or manipulating me into a

26:23 person that could make her happy and so my focus was how can I make this

26:30 person happy so that I can be safe yeah and um as a lot of people with Mother wound

26:36 do yeah so I still feel like it never really came from the the part of you

26:43 know my mother passing away my birth mother passing away right and I always felt very very connected to her yes oh

26:50 and still do yeah I think I've channeled your birth mother before haven't I yeah I have yeah she's

26:57 got intense energy if I recall which I don't recall much when I Channel but yeah I feel like she's come through it's like whoa yeah she's in she was an Aries

27:05 and she was oh I'm an Aries so there you go she was no wonder we buy me yeah very

27:11 fiery creative human so yeah yeah oh beautiful

27:16 um okay I wanna I wanna ask you something a little bit off topic because it's a question I get from a lot of I've

27:24 gotten a few times from my listeners you were raised Catholic and then went

27:30 Protestant and now you're a witch you're a pagan is what you are you're nature base you are earth-based a lot of people

27:36 who I've run into this over and over again people who have a deeply religious background like a very dogmatic

27:41 background like Catholic Catholicism is a very intense religious structure I

27:46 know my mother was raised Catholic and she's not into it like she's got she's not there for it you know so she went

27:53 hard away from that and I want to know if you do you ever did you feel like you had to work through any what you might

27:59 call religious trauma around coming into your own into your gifts into your nature-based authentic way of being or

28:07 did you feel like it was a pretty seamless process for you were you able to let that go yeah it was seamless yeah

28:13 this doesn't work I don't want to be doing this anymore it's not feeding me and I'm just moving on and I'm going to

28:21 explore this the thing is I had a very I had a grounding kind of in um

28:27 or some other kind of paganism when I was in Poland because um even though my grandmother and you

28:34 know my whole family was Catholic I was outside running around through the woods by myself quite a bit

28:40 and so I had already been gifted that connection

28:45 yeah and then when I came here and I you know I was like going through the trauma

28:51 I reconnected back and I went okay that feels like home you know yeah and then it was just

29:00 um a matter of that I was seeking I was seeking the Divinity in my life and I thought that

29:06 it had to come through religion and then I realized oh I don't need this dogma and I don't need this structure in

29:13 order to find the divinity so then and I'm a person who who is

29:18 pretty good at shedding skins so I was like yeah this skin feels bad yeah yeah

29:24 good yeah and I'm just gonna leave it over there yeah and you know I I admire

29:30 that about you Monica here's like in my in my experience it's very easy

29:36 for me to take on dogmas and it's hard for me to let them go because they get really stuck and it comes from a core of

29:42 not trusting myself and you you trust yourself you just trust that he's like okay I I feel it therefore I'm correct

29:49 about it for me what comes up is a real inability to trust myself and I do shed

29:55 skins a lot you've seen me shed a lot yes but for me it's always a really like it's kind of like there's an intense

30:01 fear that I have to face every time I shed a skin and so what I recognize about myself is I am very easily

30:07 programmable and um that's hard I think it's true for a lot of people and it's not so true for

30:14 you and I think you're in the minority that you're not so easily programmable by your dogmas your environment's

30:20 politics whatever it is you know I know for me I'm pretty easily programmable so what I do is I I consciously choose what

30:27 I program myself with and it's a daily practice okay every day I get up and I make sure that I put myself in an

30:34 environment and expose myself to voices and thoughts and ideas that are in alignment with what I know to be my core

30:40 truth so that my own programming conditioning and wounding doesn't come in and hijack my experience I don't want

30:46 to live in nature I want to live in love um and I really I just want to point that out because I admire that in you

30:52 tremendously and I think that's really really cool and I think you and I just think you're amazing I'm just going to say Thank you

30:58 so amazing work good thing we're babes huh yeah

31:05 so okay and then I had another question too okay I wanted to go back real quick too

31:10 growing up the first nine years in communist Poland with not knowing if you

31:16 have enough food and resources and very much in a survival mentality as a person

31:21 born in America you know my when we grew up we were broke but I mean there was

31:27 never any question there would be enough food even if it was God awful food like there's always going to be enough to eat

31:33 there's always one you know um and by American Standards I grew up pretty much out like on the fridge like

31:39 we were out in the woods you know living a crazy crazy wild mountain life yeah for you you had a real experience of

31:47 starvation potentially like that was a real experience for you and then you came into you had this total cultural

31:53 shock where had to melt down a grocery store there's all these resources and it's I love the way to hear you talk

31:59 about how that gave you that you took that that nine years those formative years of your life of not necessarily

32:05 you probably went hungry sometimes is that right yeah so you experienced real hunger which I've never experienced that

32:12 I've never experienced really being hungry not being able to get food right you experience that an incredible lack

32:18 and instead of it turning into a theme of scarcity and

32:28 a sort of anchor of not enoughness you were able to flip that on his head

32:36 and use it to gain a real appreciation of the resources that are available to

32:41 you now and available to us all can you talk more about that process because a lot of us deal with scarcity and lack

32:47 mentality and we did we've never experienced it so please talk about that a little bit

32:53 I think I just like I said I think I said it at the beginning I thought it was a gift that there was that lack yeah

33:00 because it set me up for I'm not going to waste my life or I'm

33:06 not going to waste this food or I'm not going to waste any resources um I think it was very spontaneous for

33:13 me so I don't know how much of it was my own doing okay I feel like I was really

33:19 supported by my ancestors I feel like I had a lot of and because I do remember

33:25 other lives that were really full of luck as well right right

33:31 um that then when I came into this abundance I was just so grateful that I

33:36 didn't have to repeat that or go through that again right we're done with that lesson we're talking with that we're done with that experience we've done

33:42 that we can't scratched that yeah yeah and so um but I know that I have fostered

33:49 gratitude it's one of my favorite practices to anytime little things to be

33:55 grateful for so even when I'm going through some real misery you know or whatever I think is really

34:00 um taking away from my joy right now I'm very um I'm very good at finding things to help

34:08 me come back to gratitude so it can be something really small like I'll be walking down the road and I find a pine

34:14 cone that I think is super cute I found this little Acorn one day and then I've kept this Acorn for years

34:21 because in that moment it filled me with so much joy because I represented possibility for me yeah and strength you

34:29 know whatever all the things that Oak comes with so I feel actually grateful

34:35 that I it's like does it needs ability that I have

34:40 to be grateful if that makes any sense yeah I I think that when you I think

34:46 that you know you can go either way when you come from lack you can either it can make you miserable and you can feel like

34:52 oh woe is me or you can just say to yourself I'm so grateful that I have what I have right now and I definitely

34:59 don't want to go back to that so I'm going to try not to manifest that again and that's so that's the bridge right

35:06 there the bridge from scarcity and fear to appreciation and abundance is gratitude just the bridge is gratitude

35:12 and I find it's interesting because you're you know you're such a grounded person and really grounding in you is your spirituality is getting out and

35:18 getting grounded getting in nature getting in tune with the Earth matching yourself with Earth energies and I had this Epiphany not too long ago as I was

35:25 doing my own my own gratitude practice and grounding practice I was like oh gratitude is really grounding

35:31 gratitude is really grounding and you know I'm I have so much water in my

35:37 chart yeah that I desperately need Earth even though I need a lot of flow like

35:43 and I'm constantly flowing and changing if I don't have that Earth element in my life then I'm completely lost like right

35:50 and I think that it's just like another thing that we need to really know ourselves like more we know ourselves

35:57 the easier it is to get through trauma the easier it is to find our ground the

36:02 easier it is for us to you know find our purpose and yeah so just yeah knowing

36:08 more about oneself like you really helped me with that the first few

36:13 readings that I had with you you brought insights to me that helped me to understand myself more

36:19 and I oh that's wonderful I understood that if I don't know myself I'm gonna be

36:27 like floundering around you know right right trying to figure things out but your readings have always been super

36:33 supportive and helped me just to find my way back to myself and I think that you

36:39 know like that's what our mother wound does it separates us from ourself so much yes about the mother wound and

36:46 this and the attachment to the mother wound separates us from herself and thank you very much for that feedback in

36:52 your kind words I always really really appreciate that thank you if reading for you is a pleasure thank you

37:00 yeah that's yeah that's great there are it's always it's always really a pleasure to tap in

37:08 to Spirit especially for people who are very spiritual themselves it's just it's

37:13 really easy it's just like his Spirit shows up in abundance um

37:19 so can we talk a little bit before we wrap up I do want to talk about the dark pool Trilogy because I have I've always

37:25 been re that's when I met you is when you were really finishing I think you were working on your third book when I

37:30 met you yeah and you I read the first book and I need to order the next two books you know it's it's unfortunate

37:35 it's like I've really I used to read a lot when I was a kid I was always reading books but I lived out in the middle of nowhere with like no power or

37:42 hot water so like that's what I did and now I have tick tock yes so so I read a

37:49 lot fewer books but I'm trying to get myself to read again and even read fiction again so I need to go order your next book and I need to read it because

37:55 it was really well done and it was also like holy [ __ ] like it was

38:02 spicy and I was like oh I'm the airport in fact I need to have you come on again

38:07 and talk about like sensuality and sexuality and um there's another word that I'm like

38:13 lose that I'm not but anyway you're really intimacy that kind of a thing because I know that's another sort of

38:19 arm of Monica of renaissance renaissance woman Monica that I'd love to come on and talk about because I know that's

38:26 something that even just now I'm sort of preparing to dive into more is like sexual energy and Sexual Energy and how

38:32 it connects with Spirit spirituality and grounding exactly it's really grounding right so yeah the the dark pool Trilogy

38:38 is when you described it to me and tell me if I remember this correctly you felt like you were channeling another

38:43 dimension like you were getting visitations from these characters and they were telling you the story and you were dictating it essentially is that

38:50 true yeah like I didn't um I met the main my main Muse my guide

38:55 who I mean basically held the story in his hands and you know it was just

39:02 basically asked me are we going to do this is this a partnership and I knew that it would move on it would move on

39:07 to somebody else if I wasn't going to be the channel wow and I felt like I had I feel like you

39:14 know our Muses choose us because of our life experience because of our belief systems we're going to be the ones that

39:20 are going to be able to bring this story to life because we have the context for it yeah and so I didn't have to think

39:27 about Town names in my book or people's names or situations like people would say so

39:35 how did you like map out the story and I'm like there was no mapping I just sat down and I wrote and every day I was

39:42 surprised by the chapter everything I was like damn this is a good story and that's great but you were hearing the

39:49 story yourself for the first time yeah and and I knew that I was channeling parts of um past lives and other

39:56 experiences that I had yeah I was also channeling the life that I wanted to have

40:01 so because everything exists yeah everything is okay my guide really

40:07 taught me about the the possibility that we're having concurrent lives you know

40:14 so I'm having this life and then another life right now as well yes and that you know past and present and future are in

40:21 layers like this they're not like this yeah you know so we can experience you

40:26 know traveling up and down yeah and so I really wanted to bring to the reader something that was deeply sensual and

40:34 sexual that was going to help people find their own sexuality or be able to

40:39 say I felt this but I didn't wanna talk about it or explore myself yeah and

40:46 I wanted people to experience um the magic of past lives you know

40:51 let's say their past um and I also wanted people to

40:57 understand that they could pull from the future as well like who they are in the future to inform their life right now

41:02 and you know a lot of people said to me because I had editors and I had other

41:08 people who were I was like giving bids to and people were saying oh I think you

41:13 should really tone down the Witchcraft I think you should tone down the language

41:18 don't don't really I don't need to describe all those sex scenes exactly and the way you did

41:25 um it's a it's a lot you know or there's a lot of sex scenes in the book and I'm

41:30 used to reading like one every 50 pages and I'm like these people are highly sexual they don't they need to be every

41:37 10 pages anyway you know in the end I didn't want to

41:43 send my book to a publisher because I knew this was the story that I was born to write yeah and I didn't want anyone

41:51 messing with it right it didn't change the cover if they want to but not the words yes yeah and I did what I

41:59 wanted it felt really good to channel this and to do what I really want it and

42:04 put out the words that I felt I needed to write and I did it and yeah it was an incredible

42:11 incredible experience yeah and partly because I was bringing these characters

42:16 to lives and to life and my partner said to me when I was like having really

42:22 uh you know you know every author doubts themselves uh you know and he said listen lady

42:29 these people are already alive in another dimension they just need you to bring them into

42:34 this Dimension you don't need to like talk about or think about whether this is right or wrong right you know just do

42:41 it so yeah that's how that came out oh my God how long did the did it take you to write all three books

42:47 three years oh okay yeah that's impressive yeah actually yeah and they're those are like substantial books

42:53 yeah those are substantial books well I I love it and I also love that you did the publishing yourself and you did not

42:59 allow anybody to come in and taint your creation and your channeling experience

43:04 and I keep saying this it's like I really believe you know a lot of authors

43:09 still have this programming that they need to go be traditionally published

43:15 like they have to be a real author to be traditionally published and there was a time in the old Paradigm when that was

43:22 the reality of the way that we lived we had Gatekeepers we had to knock on doors and bang our head and contort ourselves

43:27 in order to be seen by the world like but that's not true anymore it's like

43:32 what used to be the Great Wall of China is now like a little Boulder in front of

43:38 you and you can just walk around it or you can hop over it you do not need to bang your head on that Boulder because those Gatekeepers don't exist unless we

43:45 insist that they continue to exist the world that we live in the technology that we have the access that we have through social media and podcasting and

43:51 Amazon KDP that we have directly to the reader to the people who need our work is astounding and I always encourage

43:58 people that's the way that I like to encourage people it's like trust yourself just like you are just trust

44:04 yourself just go for it and I love that you have a partner in your life who sees you sounds like the way that I see you

44:10 and you can trust yourself and love yourself and bring your magic out into the world and all of the wonderful and

44:16 weird and messy and beautiful ways but it needs to come out at that time Monica thank you so much for coming on and

44:22 talking to me and having a nice juicy long conversation sharing your magic lining yourself up and really showing me

44:28 and I'm sure it's going to bleed through the screen it's going to bleed through the audio like when you match up with

44:33 your purpose if you will with your most authentic experience which is coming

44:38 through the form of transforming the mother wound right now but it is your energy that we feel it is your essence

44:44 that he's coming through and I'm so grateful that you have done the work and brought that out into the world and brought that out into my life so two

44:51 questions for you one where can people find you

44:56 and your books are there and on Amazon right so you've got transforming the

45:02 mother wound and the dark pool Trilogy so if you're if you're looking for some quote fiction unquote which is really

45:08 just like interdimensional dictation if you will um that's like spicy and yummy

45:14 and really fun to read and you can really get a taste of Monica's creativity and her her um Pizzazz with

45:19 words go read those books and then transforming the mother wound really powerful or any kind of relationship

45:27 that we have with Mom I sort of don't think there's a human on the planet who doesn't have a mother wound whatever

45:33 kind of mother we had whether you had a raging narcissist as a mother or a really loving Earth Angel mother because

45:39 Mamas are human and we are connected to mother in every deviation that mother

45:44 has from Perfection wounds us that's not mom's fault necessarily like that's not mom's fault that's just the experience

45:50 of our human reality and transforming this and turning these wounds and these traumas into our superpower into our

45:56 spiritual superpower into our spiritual gifts that we are of service with nothing more powerful and I think the

46:01 mother is a key component to that um and then second how can people best support you Monica people who are

46:06 listening they want to find you they want to follow they want to support you in some way what's the best way for people to support you the best way to

46:13 support me really is to read my books because that is the passion of my life and you know my service in the world

46:21 so if they would just you know buy a book read a book share a book yeah and

46:27 and find their own path you know that really helps me too it helps me to be a better human being when people become

46:34 their best selves too because you know the ripples right it does if you sh one

46:40 human showing up in love ripples out two thousands even one

46:45 interaction ripples out to thousands so your books link to your website is going to be in the show notes as well so

46:52 listen up go check go click go find Monica she's on all the socials she's even on Tick Tock

46:59 now thank You Ingrid that's what I've done now she was like I'm not gonna do it I'm like yes there was a reason that you needed to

47:05 get on Tick Tock and that will be revealed so um she's user Monica Carlos

47:11 Carlos like she has no car on Tick Tock and then your Monica Carlos on social media so come find her find me I'm

47:17 Ingrid H Turner on Tick Tock and I'm Ingrid H Turner everywhere on all the social media sites Monica thank you so

47:23 much I love you adoria I'm gonna have you back on to talk more about some other stuff but this has been really

47:28 really good introduction to the wonders of Monica Carlos thank you thank you so much

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