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Selflessness is a Myth | Mystic Bitch Show S2 E1 | Psychic Development | Spirituality

In this episode, Ingrid brings up hidden areas of codependency, especially among spiritual teachers and healers. She challenges the notion that anyone is ever truly selfless and sacrificing in their spiritual work, and looks at being of service from a different angle entirely: one that first feels fulfilling to the individual, and then maximizes the potential of the spiritual healer.

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Ingrid answers questions about spirituality, psychic mediumship, and more in this episode. Psychic development questions answered in this episode: Indigo children, connecting with spirit guides, how to see auras, what is means to see repeating numbers, what is numerology and what do those numbers mean, vivid dreams and clairvoyance, hearing voices and clairaudience and mediumship, hearing voices just before you fall asleep. Feeling other people’s feelings and clairsentience, or being an empath, psychic protection, energy clearing, how to develop your clairvoyance, what is your spirit guide, ascended masters, angels, spirit animals.


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