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What to Expect from IMMERSION

IMMERSION with Ingrid invites you into a private and potent spiritual community. Ditch the algorithms and the noise of social media, and treat yourself to the gift of daily Spiritual Renewal. 


The IMMERSION community is FREE to join. It is safe, it is healing, it is a container for awakening.

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I went through the 8-pack individual Soulmatic Renewal work with Ingrid. I am so glad I invested in myself and my healing but more importantly in the tools that I walked away with. I feel like I met myself pretty completely in the iteration and growth I am at now and that because of it, another spiritual expansion is right on the cusp. She taught me how to continue the work in a really practical way. She is a gifted healer and helped me heal my “voice” and free myself from containment. 

All in all, I cannot speak highly enough about the work, the experience or Ingrid! If you are contemplating the investment, just make it!!! You can never lose in an investment into yourself!

Marilyn Harder

Ingrid and soulmatic renewal has been a gift to me and my healing! I worked with her 1:1 and had her facilitate a group soulmatic renewal process for the heal the healers group! 

So many revelations, connections and clearing with the work she does.  She helps you connect quickly and deeply within the body and your emotions. She’s highly intuitive and that coupled with her intimate and deep connection to spirit is felt through and through! 

I can’t say enough about Ingrid and her gifts. Highly recommend her if you’re ready to delve deep. 💓

In love & gratitude

Becky Hernandez

I just completed Ingrids' Soulmatic Renewal program! What an amazing 4 weeks! She is able to hold a safe place while teaching us to conduct new techniques to learn more about ourselves. I have been able to put what we learned into my daily practice,  resulting in a much happier me! If you are wanting some extra growth, this is a great option! Stay blessed!

Ashley Gene