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Join us in IMMERSION

A New Earth Sacred Space

Immersion Members: Computer Login

Immersion Members: Computer Login

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IMMERSION with Ingrid invites you into a private and potent spiritual community. Ditch the algorithms and the noise of social media, and treat yourself to the gift of daily Spiritual Renewal. The IMMERSION community is FREE to join. It is safe, it is healing, it is a container for awakening.

Sign up is a breeze! 

 Just scroll up to the top of any page and click the "Log In" text in the top right hand corner.


Check out the goodies on offer for members, and then navigate to our IMMERSION community and Introduce yourself! I cannot wait to start this portion of the journey with you. 😘

Having trouble finding your way around?

I got you. Watch the 2-minute tutorial below, based on what device you're using right now.

Are you on your computer right now? Watch this 2 minute video.