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Schedule a Human Design Chart Analysis with Me

A Human Design session will powerfully validate the naturalness of your being, and give you tools to get back to living freely your authentic expression.


Human Design is a blueprint for your unique energetic signature. It shows you the magic of you, and the way I read your chart is the way I show you how to love and move through this world to produce the happiest, most fulfilled version of you. I help you understand how you’ve been conditioned out of your natural expression, and give you tools to help you reconnect with your authentic core.


I have studied Vedic Astrology in depth for ten years, and Human Design for five years. Additionally, I have worked as a professional channel for ten years, with over 3,000 hours of readings under my belt. I am unique in my approach to reading charts because I leverage my knowledge of the modality, and my fierce connection to Spirit to give you an incredibly personal and piercing reading. I am committed to your freedom, and so I go the extra mile and coach you in tools and practices you can implement right away that will help you deconstruct your conditioning and start living your essence right now.