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Let it Be Easy with Human Design

How your Human Design Chart makes it easy af to manifest and thrive.

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February 6th, 2023 | 5pm PST/8pm EST | Virtual


An episode recording of The Mystic Bitch Show and a Human Design Basics Masterclass with an absolute master!


In this episode, Ingrid is interviewing Analena Fuchs, a bright light from her roster of radiant humans, being of service to the planet through the vehicle of their passions.


The show will kick off with an in depth interview of Analena and how she discovered HUman Design and wrapped it into her world and uses it as a launching pad to deliver her passion, her gift, of helping conscious introvert leaders experience erase, flow, and prosperity.


We’re getting off the struggle bus, folks, and Analena is going to show us how!


For our live audience only:


  • enjoy from row seats to the interview

  • ask Analena questions about her work and her life

  • learn the fundamentals of your Human Design chart in a Masterclass Q&A setting

  • Get the opportunity to have Analena look at your chart and give you some laser coaching!

  • An offer for our community to join Analena’s Human Design Certification Course!

Feb 06, 2023, 5:00 PM
Virtual Meeting
How your Human Design Chart makes it easy af to manifest and thrive.
Can you make it?

About The Mystic Bitch Show


Ingrid H. Turner hosts The Mystic Bitch Show: a podcast and live show for spiritual awakening, psychic development, manifesting, and healing. Ingrid delivers her take on mysticism with compassionate sass and disruptive edification. In this show, she instructs listeners on the groundwork of spirituality, psychic mediumship, manifesting, and shares her gifts of channeling spirit and divine healing. Enjoy interviews with other mystics in the wild. 


Binge the Mystic Bitch Show:


About Analena


Analena is a Human Design Mentor for Conscious Introvert Leaders who are ready to experience more Ease, Flow and Prosperity in their Lives.

On the frustrating path of following others "success" formula one day Human Design found her and changed everything for her - in her personal life and business. 

The awareness that Human Design brought to her is simply mind-blowing, so it has become her mission to share this wisdom far and wide.

She is the co-founder of the Aligned Living Academy, where Conscious Leaders can get certified as Human Design Coaches and she is also the host of the Art of Slowing Down Podcast which is gaining popularity in the Spiritual and Entrepreneurial Circles.


Learn more about Analena:


About Ingrid


Ingrid is a Psychic Medium, Psychic Development Teacher, and Poet. She help misfits, black sheep, and other highly creative individuals tap into their intuitive gifts so that they can unload their feelings of inadequacy and move fully into their powerful contributions to society.

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