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Great call today Ingrid! So many great feelings from the group! I shared a download in the chat room on today's call, but felt called to share with the entire group as well.

As we all connect together... imagine yourselves as "starlight energy". Imagine you, a creator being, are looking at and holding a snow globe. The starlight energy is everyone in this group being shaken up inside of our deeply connected snow globe.

Watch that star dust settle after it has been shaken up, by the creator.

How do you feel watching the dust settle? What energy do you feel watching it move and glisten about the inside of that world?

Capture that feeling. Then imagine the trickle out effect the dust has as it settles INSIDE the globe. What is its feeling as it shifts and changes and settles?

We are all creator beings meant to experience all perspectives as that star dust settles after it has been shaken up. We are all meant to feel the creator perspective as a proud parent watching that star dust settle. But we are also meant to experience creation in all its forms, shapes and beauties.

So thankful to be a part of this experience with you all. It can be a beautiful experience, if you see all angles and perspectives. Xoxo

Bob Becker


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