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ok this is expansion is going crazy all over the place. its like doing ok for awhile then something happens. i am just trying to ride it out go with the flow with no seatbelt or safety line. physical world is falling apart in various areas like car, job, home; however, faith is doing ok. if i could only figure out how to adapt to change better i wonder does adaption of change include acceptance of change.

lets say your in a bad situation and not really knowing or having resources/support to change it like in those example above of place, car, job-especially a job thats abusive yet i cannot up and quit.

i probably need a distraction, more patience, and continued prayers; eventually somethings bound to happen 😀



anyone else have stuff going on like this

Apr 20, 2022

Similarities and differences on my path right now. Major life upheavals in the physical world have been a sort of routine occurrence in my life. Currently career/job path is a big question mark. I have a stable roof over my head....where I don't truly feel at I try to prepare my children entering adulthood...while I try to find myself and come back to life again after losing my husband to prison and hellish decade career that took most of me from my children 💔



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