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In this world, we each face situations which create clouds in our otherwise clear skies. We weather the storms and find our ourselves stronger after each one...and we breathe deep. At times, we worry that the storms we face take a little of us with them...truth is, they leave something behind. A better understanding of ourselves and our abilities....they make us cautious of walking into another storm, reliving the challenges we just survived. If we step forward into our power...trusting in our instincts, we will see that our power now is choice. Something we’ve had all along, but until we find the inner strength to make these choices in our best interest...we struggle instead with our own self worth. Know that you are more than the rubble left after the are more than you were when you entered it. Standing now above the clouds, you see the light that has always shone for you. Accept that you are worthy and feel the warmth of it calling you...dare to reach out for it. One step at a time 🔆

Ingrid H. Turner


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