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The last few days have truly humbled me. I have gone through a myriad of emotions. Frustration...disappointment...anger...

and yet as each day turned to night, I was blessed to speak with many who I have never met sharing the true spirit of Thanksgiving. I felt love and compassion...a level of understanding of what the World is facing...and surviving.

I was greeted by a stranger sitting at a table outside a coffee shop. On my way to offer a donation to a local resource center, he took the time, both coming and going to brighten my day. A customer in the store I work at overheard my conversation with another frequent shopper. She smiled and said that if more shared our optimism and positive energy, we could make a difference in the World.

It’s in moments like these that you realize the effects of our own light. To see it’s reflections in others was a reminder of exactly why I’m here.

It gave me hope that more were waking up to the deeper understanding of Oneness. And with more love and acceptance for all, Global Oneness is possible. I will be the light that shines for others, I will be the hand that lifts them up, I will be the mirror so that they can see the brilliance of their own light.

If we can all find it in our hearts to shine a little brighter through this darkness, we can illuminate the path for many to join us on our journey to Oneness🙏🏻 Happy day of Thanks to all ❤️

Ingrid H. Turner


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