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wondering if anyone would share their beliefs thoughts on lightworkers. just curious, there seems to be tons of information some vary some talk about types, specific qualities.

for me i am on a spiritual path going somewhere: learning all the time, experimenting, healing as i go, feeling "yeahs or nays", connecting with like minded people in immersion and elsewhere. almost a year after connecting/working with Ingrid, which was a pleasant worthwhile surprise wish it would have happened sooner -didnt know about divine timing back then. March 9th will be 1 year anniversary 1st reading tarot 3 ?s with Ingrid. but i probably might have watched some of her videos broadcasts first. took me awhile but the resonation was/is there. still watching older videos that i am pulled too

thanks😁💖 so yeah i am gonna count March 9th as anniversary is this tmi

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