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Alright, my beloveds:

I'm scheduling an IMMERSION channelng Spirit event for our community and friends of the community.

This event will not be made public - it is just for those who resonate with the teachings of Spirit the way I deliver it, and the people who you feel would benefit as well - your friends.

Spirit will come through to share wisdom, solutions, and broader teachings related to your personal experiences.

So bring your questions. Your challenges. All of it to this event. Spirit will be waiting for you.

I may channel guides, loved ones, energies, any and all of that. I don't control who or what or how. I just let it through as it needs to come.

Event date and time will be announced soon. If you have thoughts or questions, put them below 👇

Oh, and the event is free. I will be accepting donations, but you can absolutely come even if you're not in a position to contribute monetarily.

I love you madly!


Melissa De Long
Oct 23, 2021

This sounds Incredible, I look forward to joining in !!! I'm always blown away with these incredible experiences lead with Ingrid especially!!



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